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Robotech Rewatch 55: All Roads Lead to Jonathan Wolff

June 27th, 2015

Death once had a near-Jonathan Wolff experience.

Death once had a near-Jonathan Wolff experience.

Stand by for more Robotech Rewatch.

Episode 68: Eulogy

The narrator, our only source of continuity in the midst of narrative chaos, gives us a sneak peek into the Invid’s stronghold, Reflex Point, which is the same place that Scott Barnard has been so keen on taking his crew to. You know, eventually.

Speaking of Scott, he and the dirt bike roadies arrive in a military town where everyone is super happy because the Invid never come here. Seems… suspicious, but okay. Nice to know someone’s having a good time in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

They decide to grab a drink, and Annie reminds us all of how creepy and inappropriate she is by hitting on the bartender. Let us not forget: she’s a kid. A kid with the sex drive of a cougar in a late night sitcom. Oh Annie, you distress me.

Everyone in the bar gets super excited because Colonel Jonathan Wolff is back.

Not only is he basically a green-haired Errol Flynn-moustached rocking shocking goddamned superhero but apparently he was active in Admiral Hunter’s fleet, then was sent home with his ‘Wolff pack’ to save the Earth.

Jonathan Wolff is so tough, he dulls chainsaws… when he shaves.

When Jonathan Wolff crosses the road, cars look both ways.

Jonathan Wolff likes his meat so rare he only eats unicorns.

You get the idea.

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Issue #1 – Battleworld Special: Lady Kate, Ms America & Inferno

June 25th, 2015

Marvel, you’re making me cry.

I mean sure, throw your whole mess of universes in a blender. Give your writers the freedom to write some batshit crazy tales that aren’t defined by previous continuity. I’m all for that. I was all for that when DC did it a little while ago, because for all the crazy I was promised a chance to hang out with some of my favourites and I love a bit of universe-bending creativity.

But the but.

I have no idea WTF is going on.

The premise is that all the Marvel universes have collided, and different universe versions of our characters are all on a fake planet called Battleworld, and all the awesome interesting titles suddenly exploding out of Marvel are based on various “baronies” in which our characters are playing out odd scenarios, in odd combinations.

But the but.

I get that, I do, but I don’t know what to READ. There are so many different titles, and Convergence taught me that I’m going to hate the main storyline & resent it for being super expensive and not giving me anything I want so I didn’t even try to pick up Secret Wars or Battleworld or Beyond (this is the thing, there isn’t just one main event to avoid, there seem to be about twelve) and stuck instead to the tempting individual issues, not knowing if they’re like permanent series or mini-series like Convergence gave us, or…


It doesn’t help that the comics all have banners to tell you which series they’re part of and some of them say Secret Wars and some say Battleworld and some say both and there doesn’t seem to be any actual logic behind which is which.

Here is what I’ve read so far:

A-ForceTitle: A-Force

Writer: Marguerite Bennett & G.Willow Wilson

Artist: Jorge Molina

The Buzz: All female Avengers! You had me at She-Hulk. Marvel have been buzzing about Secret Wars all year – we know this is a massive comics event and A-Force has been one of the highest buzzed of the new titles, because an all female Avengers comic has been a long time coming, and G. Willow Wilson is definitely one of comics’ It Writers thanks to her kickass run on Ms Marvel.

All You Need To Know: Battleworld is a ridiculous patchwork planet on which all the Marvel superheroes from all the universes have been gathered in various baronies to fight and stuff. It’s all Doctor Doom’s fault, whatever.

Story: This barony is an island called Arcadia, peopled only with female Avengers. She-Hulk is their Baroness which is pretty great.

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Musketeer Space Part 57: A Drop of Water

June 24th, 2015

waterBook Achieved! As of this week, I officially reached the end of Musketeer Space. You, dear readers, still have a month or so to go. Five more chapters, to be exact.

I know, I’m sad it’s finishing too. On the bright side, those of you who have been waiting for it to be complete so you can read it in one go don’t have much longer to wait!

If you want to be able to read Musketeer Space in complete assembled ebook form, you will need to be a Patreon supporter before the project winds up at the end of July. Otherwise I will be keeping the individual chapters up on my blog for the forseeable future, unless my agent or an interested publisher suggests otherwise.


Start reading Musketeer Space from Part 1
Missed the last installment? Track back to Part 56
Read a festive Musketeer Space prequel, “Seven Days of Joyeux.”
Main Page & Table of Contents


Milord hates Athos because of that whole tried to execute him back when they were married thing; he hates Dana D’Artagnan because she has thwarted him at every turn and told the world his secret identity; he doesn’t especially hate Conrad Su, but he’ll take his revenge where he can. They’re all on Valour, the prettiest and worst planet in the Solar System.


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Robotech Rewatch 54: Lost in Translation

June 20th, 2015

lunkKeep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

I’m going to give the show the benefit of the doubt and agree that something must have been lost in translation, because this is the weirdest and most disposable episode of Robotech I’ve ever watched.

Episode 67: Paper Hero

I’ll admit that I was kind of hoping this would be the episode where Hugh Jackman is a truck who writes romance novels and falls in love with his best friend, Claudia Karvan. That would have SO been a better Robotech episode than this one.

Apparently the dirtbike riding Robotech gang have a date with destiny. I have to say, chatty narrator, making statements like that does rather raise the expectations that this is going to be an episode in which something actually happens.

The gang’s current Invid fighting style involves most of them riding bikes furiously at the enemy, Scott shooting from above in his Veritech (AKA the Invid magnet), and Lunk driving up with Annie afterwards “just in time to celebrate.” Way to contribute to the teamwork there, Lunk and Annie.

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Musketeer Space Part 56: Two Kinds of Winter

June 17th, 2015

sterling-silver-hammer-finish-fleur-de-lis-dog-tag-3It’s Musketeer Day again!

SF Signal have published my GOH speech from Continuum XI on Fantasy, Female Authors and the Politics of Influence. I amended it and updated it based on my ad libs during the presentation including the imaginary crowns representing the various women I was quoting on the topic.

We’ve also put up the Galactic Suburbia episode recorded live at Continuum (with a great audience!) including sketches by Kathleen Jennings of what our hands look like when we’re podcasting.

I’m soooo close to finishing Musketeer Space! This month’s Musketeer Media Monday concerns Dogtanian’s War on Moustaches (1981) and the unexpected revelations of a Robotech nature.

The end-of-project complete assembled ebook of Musketeer Space will beexclusive to Patreon backers for at least a year so if you want one, head on over the the Patreon page – you can support the project for as little as $1 per month.


Start reading Musketeer Space from Part 1
Missed the last installment? Track back to Part 55
Read a festive Musketeer Space prequel, “Seven Days of Joyeux.”
Main Page & Table of Contents


Athos hates rain, all weather, planets in general, and Valour in particular. Dana has lost track of Conrad Su, who went to ground after witnessing an assassination at his last safehouse. The Countess of Clarick has arrested her brother-in-law, Milord De Winter, to hand him over to Royal/Church custody. Rosnay Cho, as the Cardinal’s Special Agent, leads the Musketeer-Sabre mission to reclaim Milord.


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Galactic Suburbia 121: Live From Melbourne (Show Notes)

June 16th, 2015

The Tea Salon edition in which we drink the Tabitha Blend in front of a live studio audience at Continuum XI and chat about feminist hashtags and vampire college girl romance.


Kathleen Jennings drew us while we talked!

Tehani storified some of the tweets from Writing While Female.

What Culture Have we Consumed?

Alisa: Emerging Writers’ Festival: Writing while Female (How To Be A Woman in Any Boys Club); Bitch Planet, Issues 1-2; Twelve Monkeys

Alex: Cranky Ladies of History; Carmilla (based on J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella); Veronica Mars; Radio Lab podcast catch up

Tansy: Sons of Anarchy; A-Force by Marguerite Bennett & G.Willow Wilson – AND Carmilla!

Please send feedback to us at galacticsuburbia@gmail.com, follow us on Twitter at @galacticsuburbs, check out Galactic Suburbia Podcast on Facebook, support us at Patreon and don’t forget to leave a review on iTunes if you love us!

Dogtanian’s War on Moustaches (1981)

June 15th, 2015

Dogtanian-the-Three-MuskehoundsDogtanian and the Three Muskehounds is a charming Japanese-Spanish co-produced animation series that aired from 1981 in various languages. I first came across it in England in the late 80’s where it was my original introduction to the Musketeer story.

And actually… it really could have been worse! This episodic serial is remarkably close to the tone and storyline of the original novel, the only difference being that the majority of the main cast are cartoon dogs.

Milady is, of course, a cat.

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Robotech Rewatch 53: Rook Vs. The Red Snakes

June 13th, 2015

hard timesKeep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to finish this rewatch exactly at the point I finish Musketeer Space. That’s okay – I’m in this for the long haul! Cheers to everyone who has told me that the Mospeada/Dirt Bikes Special era of Robotech is their favourite. I like it more this time around, if that makes you feel better.

Episode 66 – Hard Times

While Rand lectures city girl Annie on the best way to lay a campfire, Lancer further challenges gender norms by setting up a woodland shower. As we all know, it’s normally girl characters who have slow meaningful showers in anime! Of course, Lancer is sometimes a girl character, so…

Rook, meanwhile, is having an emotional meltdown based largely on flashbacks to her former life as a gang member with an unsatisfactory boyfriend. She expresses this by being angry at a gross meat soft serve cone that Annie is trying to pretend is some kind of edible food.

I would be angry at people pretending badly drawn meat ice creams are real food too, Rook.

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Musketeer Space Part 55: Snow and Star Nuns, But Mostly Snow

June 10th, 2015

bookBack from Melbourne where I had an amazing time at Continuum 11 (con report to follow when I am much less sleepy). Thank you everyone for making the con so great, and especial hooray to those who came up to talk about Musketeer Space, and who came to my reading of the first chapter in the Harmony room.

I’m SO CLOSE to finishing this book! You’re still a couple of months away from the end, but I’m about three chapters away. Eeep.

At this stage, I’m looking at keeping the end-of-project complete assembled ebook of Musketeer Space exclusive to Patreon backers for at least a year so if you want one, head on over the the Patreon page – you can support the project for as little as $1 per month.

Start reading Musketeer Space from Part 1
Missed the last installment? Track back to Part 54
Read a festive Musketeer Space prequel, “Seven Days of Joyeux.”
Main Page & Table of Contents


Conrad contracted himself to Jing-fei Su in marriage so that he could fulfil the “morality clause” in order to work for the Palace as Prince Alek of Auster’s tailor, and closest confidante. With Alek, former Minister Chevreuse (and on one notable occasion, the Duchess of Buckingham), Conrad is also a championship fleur-de-lis player. He spends most of his time protecting the Prince from political conspiracies, and being kidnapped by people who want to get information about the Prince out of Conrad’s brain. Funny story, that’s how he met Dana D’Artagnan, who he is totally going to hook up with when all of this is over. Most recently, Conrad has been staying with Buck after the Prince rescued him from a month-long abduction by the sinister Milord De Winter.



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Robotech Rewatch 52: You’ve Run Out Of Protoculture

June 6th, 2015

yellow dancer gets physicalKeep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

Episode 64 – Survival

The narrator continues to be big on telling us stuff we haven’t actually found out from the main show, such as Rook’s name (Rook Bartley, if you were wondering, though very few people in this post-Invid wasteland can afford last names), and the fact that Lancer is actually a freedom fighter who was in disguise as a rock star (though that could have been inferred from last week’s bare chest).

The gang (except Lancer who is sadly waiting by the Veritech Alpha for the rest of them to turn up) are now being chased by Invid, and Rand decides it’s time to go ‘cross country’ which means riding directly up a cliff. Unsurprisingly, while the bikes are just able to accomplish this, Lunk’s jeep is not up to the task.

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