2011: Blog Highlights

My most popular blog posts of 2011:

Pratchett’s Women: The Boobs, The Bad and the Broomsticks
Tender Morsels: Not Bitchy Enough
Lunatic with Lethal Combat Skills [Xena Rewatch 3.1-3.4]

Blog series kicked off in 2011:

DC Reboot Reviews
Friday Links
Pratchett’s Women
Rock the Romanpunk & Matrons of Awesome
Slapdash Blog Tour of Doom
Watching New Who

My personal favourites:

Science Fiction on the Radio
Strong Books Make Strong Girls
Ask Not What Your Library Can Do For You…
Remembering the Brigadier
Old Age and Treachery
“She Vanquished Me,” – Doctor Who: Battlefield
On Awards, At Length
How My Six Year Old Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Doctor Who (thanks to the Ood Cast)
Time to Write
The Social Habits of Forsytes
My Daughter’s Doctors
What Rowling Got Right: Worldbuilding as Plot
This is What Feminist SF Looks Like: Big Finish and Gallifrey
The Story of Cesc
Writing Fantasy: Finding the Words
Slash! Stab! A Lesson in Practical Queening
Wonder Woman’s Daddy Issues
Pratchett’s Women III: Werewolf Glamour & the Sexing of Dwarves
Australian Award-winning Women in SF and Fantasy
Lego For Girls

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  1. Kaia says:

    I love that the story of Cesc snuck its way in there.

    I also finally watched the Deathly Hallows (both parts!) and were overcome by hate of the movie and love for the books. Which makes me a bit weird, I’m sure.

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