2017 in review

Wow, that was a year, wasn’t it? Like, the longest year in the history of everything.

I went through a month of radiotherapy in June, I saw my eldest kid through the first year of high school, and was team manager on my youngest kid’s soccer team. The Silent Producer and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a trip to the Continuum convention. (also in June, June was BUSY) I also got to go to Genrecon in November, sharing an apartment with Rivqa and Tehani which was so much fun.

I wrote 180,000 words of fiction, and nearly 50,000 words of non-fiction.

But what did I get DONE this year? Here’s some highlights.

1. Girl Reporter

This superhero novella about snarky millennial vlogger Friday Valentina and her quest to rescue her mother is my most recent release! Girl Reporter is available in paperback, on Kindle, on Kobo, on Smashwords and more.

Also check out the awesome Girl Reporter GoodReads page with so many reviews, ratings and lovely grab quotes. I particularly like the way one reviewer describes the book as being “a snarky eclair.” #goals

“Truly, the hashtag is the epic poem of the 21st century.”

2. Stories in Uncanny
I love Uncanny Magazine so much, they are publishing some of the crunchiest, most diverse & progressive SFF short fiction these days, so I was delighted to be in the rare position of having two stories published with them in 2017. “Some Cupids Kill With Arrows,” released for Valentine’s day, is a sexy, sarcastic tale of speed dating when Greek heroes and gods are the only men on offer.

More recently, “How to Survive An Epic Journey,” my Atalanta + Medea = BFFs story, is also about Greek heroes and the women who have to put up with them, but this one is more of a contemporary voiced retelling of the voyage of the Argonauts. I love it to bits.

3. Sheep Might Fly

I made podcast! Thanks to my Patreon subscribers, I was able to put up several new audio serial stories on Sheep Might Fly this year: Dance, Princes, Dance; Last of the Romanpunks; Death at the Dragon Circus; The Bromancers and Did We Break The End of the World? The current serial is Let Sleeping Princes Lie, up to 10 episodes and counting!

I really love doing this podcast, especially the original novelettes/novellas, which are exactly my favourite kinds of stories to write. If it wasn’t for my Patreon subscribers and the people who listen along every week, I wouldn’t be writing nearly as much as I am right now — encouragement is a beautiful and necessary thing for writers!

Of course I also love the people who buy (or in the case of Patreon subscribers, download) the ebooks of the original serials when I publish them, too. All readers are awesome. You can get Dance, Princes, Dance and The Bromancers as ebooks, and the other stories can be found in the anthologies where they were first published.

4. Other Patreon Things

At the encouragement of my supporters, I opened up an ‘exclusive stories’ option on Patreon this year. I wasn’t sure about it at first — writers are often looking for the widest possible audience, so limiting coverage of a story by only providing it to a small group feels counter-intuitive. But hey, there’s another three stories I have out there in the world, and I do have plans to send them further out when the 18 months exclusivity runs out. At some point I want to put a Fake Geek Girl collection together, so the Sage-and-Hebe prequel story “The Alchemy of Fine” will find its home there. Also exclusive to Patreon subscribers this year: Caesar and Cleopatra: A Playlist, a story I have literally been working on since before I finished my doctorate… wow, which was 10 years ago. Playing the long game there.

I’m also delighted with the Christmas special story I sent out this December — Super Spy Science Secret Santa, about holiday parties in the workplace, a sexy secret agent, and a very earnest scientist who Does Not Hate Fun. Really.

Patreon subscribers at $2+ per month get access to 3 new exclusive stories a year, as well as ALL PAST exclusive stories, and a bunch of other lovely rewards too. Check it out and support me today.

Subscribers at $1 get several ebooks a year and the occasional manticore, plus the happy glow of supporting their friendly neighbourly writer.

5. Mother of Invention

Kickstarter! Rivqa Rafael and I launched a new crowdfunding project in June (WOW, MY JUNE) for Mother of Invention, a fabulous anthology with Twelfth Planet Press about gender and artificial intelligence. This book is my baby and I was so exhilarated when we blew past our funding target. It’s even more exciting now that we’ve picked out all our stories and done first edits. We’ve also ordered rewards like jam and tea and tote bags, robots, enamel pins, CROWDFUNDING IS SO FUN.

6. Frankentastic!

One of our stretch goals for Mother of Invention was the Frankentastic! podcast in which I read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a regendered text. This has been a fascinating experience for me, as a way of digging deep into an important text in the history of science fiction, and also thinking a lot about gender and how it impacts on narratives.

7. Musketeer Space, Joyeux & Please Look After This Angel

This year, I learned how to make dead tree books! Having cracked ebook production and completely fallen in love with the process, this year I tackled paperbacks and hardbacks. I now have SO MUCH MORE APPRECIATION for my publishers, OMG. Still, Musketeer Space is now a gorgeous hardback with a slipcase (thank you so much Tehani) and two very slender paperbacks of Joyeux and my tiny short story collection Please Look After This Angel (and other winged stories).

Woo skill-building!

8. Alice & Austen on Etsy

So in 2017 I established an online store for literary gifts, Alice & Austen. It was great fun and I learned a lot, but it didn’t earn its keep, and I already have about 14 jobs that don’t pay enough, so I’ve decided to close the website. Making the handcrafted items was the best part of this for me, so I’ve moved those (and my mother’s marvellous Deepings Dolls) over to our Etsy store. It’s adorable and full of adorable things.

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  1. Ju says:

    *so much love* Thank you so much for being so much part of what got me through 2017. All your wonderful words, your wonderful voice on Sheep Might Fly and everything else. I’m so grateful and am wishing you new heights of success (in all ways) in 2018.

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