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The response to my Tor.com post on “Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy” has been pretty overwhelming. Not only have there been many, many readers over there (the comments thread is still going strong, though it has turned overnight into a discussion about gender in children’s fiction which… is not a bad thing to be talking about?) but over 2500 people have tuned in to this blog to check the post out here, since Thursday. That’s… a lot, by my standards.

So if you’re here for the first time, hi, I’m Tansy! I write books, and talk a lot.

Here are some other Gender & Pop Culture posts from this year that I’m quite proud of:

Sexing Up the Classics
Mothers & Daughters, Battle-Embroidery & Bears
Babies & Bicycles: Watching Call the Midwife
Hack, Slash, Squish: Gender and Sex In Season One of Game of Thrones
What Geek Girls Wear (is none of your business)

Pratchett’s Women VII: A Wonderful Personality and Good Hair
Pratchett’s Women VIII: Has Scythe, Will Teach School
Pratchett’s Women IX: The Truth Has Got Her Boots On

Where the Wonder Women Are (30 posts on female superheroes and counting)

There’s also the Matrons of Awesome series from last year which addresses some of the ‘women were interesting in history, despite sexism’ issues from my article.

You can also find my essay on the Sixth Doctor and Trial of a Time Lord, The Ultimate Sixth, in the recently released book of essays Chicks Unravel Time.

And if all that reading is too much, I would be remiss in not mentioning Galactic Suburbia, the feminist SF & publishing podcast that I do with Alisa and Random Alex. So much crunchy goodness.

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    i am *so* enjoying everything you write!

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