Hi, my name’s Tansy Rayner Roberts. I’m an award-winning writer and podcaster based in southern Tasmania, Australia. I’ve also won awards for this very blog, including the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism and Review, several Ditmars, and the Hugo for Best Fan Writer in 2013. I’m the overseas regional director of SFWA, and recently guest-edited an issue of The SFWA Bulletin, our professional journal.

My essays have been published/reprinted in books such as Chicks Unravel Time, Speculative Fiction 2012 and Speculative Fiction 2013, as well as on

I write crime fiction under the name Livia Day. My first mystery novel, A Trifle Dead, was released in 2013. Set in a Hobart cafe, it shows the fun, arty, gourmet (and occasionally murderous) side of Tasmania. The sequel, Drowned Vanilla, will be out some time in 2014.

InkBlack_v3_titletopI was first published at the age of 20 back in 1998 with a comic fantasy novel called Splashdance Silver, which won the inaugural George Turner Prize. Since then I’ve written for several different genres and audiences, taught creative writing, acquired a PhD in classics (my special subject is Wicked Imperial women of Ancient Rome!), and embarked upon the journey of raising two daughters with my lovely partner.

My early novels, Splashdance Silver & Liquid Gold, are now available again as e-books from Fablecroft. We also just published the long-awaited third Mocklore Chronicle, Ink Black Magic.

My other novels include The Creature Court trilogy (Harper Voyager) featuring flappers, shape-changers and bloodthirsty court politics. It tells the story of Velody, a dressmaker who discovers a hidden war being played out in the night sky of the city of Aufleur, and of Ashiol, the exiled Ducomte who would do anything to avoid ruling the people who cast him out. Book One, Power and Majesty, won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel and Ditmar for Best Novel in 2011. Book Two, The Shattered City, was released in 2011, and Book Three, Reign of Beasts, in 2012.

I’m also the author of Love and Romanpunk, a boutique collection of short stories about Caesars, lamia, airships, eternal warriors, and werewolves. But mostly Romans.

I’m currently working on a book I like to call the Great Victorian Fairy Novel (it’s good to aim high) as well as more Livia Day crime stories and novels. I am co-editing the fiction anthology Cranky Ladies of History with Tehani of Fablecroft, which will be released in February 2014.

Come and find me on Twitter!

I’m on Tumblr twice, as Pendlerook Designs (mostly posting pics of Deepings Dolls, costume dramas, and Downton Abbey gifs) and on my own behalf at Tabitha Darling’s Bedroom Floor (mostly posting about frocks, superheroines, and Doctor Who). I’m also flirting with Pinterest because, well, Pinterest.

Galactic Suburbia is a crunchy feminist podcast about science fiction reviews, publishing news and chat. Check out our episodes over here. I’m also a co-host on the all-female Doctor Who podcast: Verity!

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