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It was a lovely weekend, involving much catching with distant friends in person, a rare treat for me. It did mean that I fell down somewhat on my social media duties, but I don’t think I was the only one! I not only barely tweeted the whole time I was away, but I only took one picture on my phone (of strawberries, not of PEOPLE) and despite sharing a suite with Alex and Alisa entirely failed to record anything for Galactic Suburbia.

Instead, we mostly took part in that classic social medium of talking each other’s ears off before, during and after the awards ceremony, and then again over the longest breakfast in the world with many friends and colleagues the next morning. Bliss!

Some good updates I have seen are from Zena (who I met while lurking outside the theatre waiting to be let in!) and from Sean the Blogonaut, who proved that the best event reporting can come from someone who wasn’t even there.

Apologies for lack of tweetage and podcasting! It’s not that I forgot you all, I was just giddy with child-freedom and the lack of oxygen to my feet after walking in my heels to the theatre…

While I gracefully lost to three very talented women (Sue Isle, Pamela Freeman and Lisa Hannett, hard to argue with that!) in my categories, I was delighted at so many of the wins (including several works/authors I have championed over the last year) that it felt like a very successful night. No one will be surprised at how delighted I was to see The Courier’s New Bicycle honoured. And of course there was the one that hadn’t been mentioned on the shortlist at all…

Galactic Suburbia won the Peter McNamara Convenor’s Award! We are very grateful and happy about that, it was lovely to be able to acknowledge our little podcast’s success on a literal stage in front of our peers. Plus we won actual cash money thanks to the CAL copyright fund, one of the sponsors. We haven’t decided yet what to do with the money once we’ve covered a year or two’s podcast hosting costs (WISCON FUND!) but look forward to wrangling about that decision, possibly even on air.

In the meantime, congratulations to all the other winners, and three cheers for Spec Faction who worked tirelessly to put on another great night for the Australian spec fic community. I am very grateful for their efforts!

The winners:

CHILDREN’S FICTION (told primarily through words): City of Lies by Lian Tanner (Allen & Unwin)

CHILDREN’S FICTION (told primarily through pictures): Sounds Spooky by Christopher Cheng (author) and Sarah Davis (illustrator) (Random House Australia)

YOUNG ADULT short story: Nation of the Night by Sue Isle (Nightsiders, Twelfth Planet Press)

YOUNG ADULT novel: Only Ever Always by Penni Russon (Allen & Unwin)

ILLUSTRATED BOOK / GRAPHIC NOVEL: JOINT WINNERS – Hidden by Mirranda Burton (author & illustrator) (Black Pepper) AND The Deep: Here be Dragons by Tom Taylor (author) and James Brouwer (illustrator) (Gestault Publishing)

COLLECTION: Bluegrass Symphony by Lisa Hannett (Ticonderoga Publications)

ANTHOLOGY: Ghosts by Gaslight edited by Jack Dann and Nick Gevers (HarperVoyager)

HORROR short story: JOINT WINNERS – The Past is a Bridge Best Left Burnt by Paul Haines (The Last Days of Kali Yuga, Brimstone Press) AND The Short Go: a Future in Eight Seconds by Lisa L. Hannett (Bluegrass Symphony, Ticonderoga Publications)

HORROR novel: TWO HONORABLE MENTIONS AWARDED TO: The Broken Ones by Stephen M. Irwin (Hachette) AND The Business of Death by Trent Jamieson (Hachette)

FANTASY short story: Fruit of the Pipal Tree by Thoraiya Dyer (After the Rain, FableCroft Publishing)

FANTASY novel: Ember and Ash by Pamela Freeman (Hachette)

SCIENCE FICTION short story: Rains of la Strange by Robert N Stephenson (Anywhere but Earth, Couer de Lion)

SCIENCE FICTION novel: The Courier’s New Bicycle by Kim Westwood (HarperVoyager)

The Peter McNamara Convenor’s Awards went to Galactic Suburbia.

The Kris Hembury Encouragement Award went to Emily Craven.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. It looked like a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed covering it

  2. Liz Carroll says:

    Thanks Tansy and Sean – almost as good as being there!

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