Baby Give Me One More Ribbon!

ribbon scarf closeA delightful package in the post today. Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One is legendary for its ribbon exchanges between fans, and I was completely squeeful when Erika and Deb of Verity! told me that they had organised a Verity ribbon for this year’s convention.

It says “Brilliantly Opinionated.”

“Make sure you save one for me,” I seem to remember saying, or something along those lines.


What they did, those splendid women, along with our fellow podcasters Liz and Katrina, and Katrina’s fellow podcaster Nicholas (AKA THE RIBBON MULE) is they collected as many Gallifrey ribbons as they could, just for me. I was so excited that I kept the parcel un-opened until I had picked Raeli up from home (getting her in the right frame of mind first by playing her the section of the Ood Cast album Dirty Little Geeks in which Laura Sigma sings about going to Gallifrey and COLLECTING RIBBONS BABY, GIVE ME ONE MORE RIBBON UH-HUH).

Raeli Tom ScarfWhen we got home, we both tore into the package with glee to find all manner of delicious treasures. Being eight, she got into the physics of the ribbon attachment and we immediately constructed ourselves an extremely long Fourth Doctor Scarf of Gallifrey ribbons. Raeli was then allowed to make off with the repeats, which she did joyfully, possibly to make kilts for her teddy bears. When Jem got home this was a bit of a problem because she of course wanted a kilt too! I had saved the extra Verity ribbons (“brilliantly opinionated!) and she made them into a dolls house sheet.

Meanwhile, Raeli posed with hat, as the Fourth Doctor himself. It was her own idea, because she is my awesome daughter. It was almost as lovely a moment as the other night when little Jem discovered she could get an echo if she shouted directly into the fan in the living room, and promptly started croaking ‘I am a Dal-ek!’

For some extra Verity goodness, check out the new Extra Episode in which Deb, Erika, Liz and I talk about the wonders of the Eighth Doctor in non-TV media, with especial love and attention for the Big Finish Audio range.

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  1. Kaia says:

    Your kids are such awesome mini-Who fans. SO CUTE.

    I need a close up of those ribbons though! That picture is entirely too tiny.

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