Back from Outer Space

The Splendid Chaps hosts in their sartorial finery.

The Splendid Chaps hosts in their sartorial finery.

I’m almost recovered from my flying visit to Melbourne.

Livia Day had an awesome time on Friday at the Sisters in Crime dinner. I wish I had a chance to go to more of these events, it sounds like they have a ball (especially when they roll out their legal/police presenters). And man, do those ladies love books.

I hadn’t met my fellow authors Josephine Pennicott & Poppy Gee but the organisers had wrangled copies of our books to be sent to each other which meant we had LOTS to talk about as soon as we saw each other. Lindy Cameron did a fantastic job with the Q&A, making it very clear how much she had read and researched of our work too.

The highlight was probably when Poppy started talking about the real life Tasmanian murder that partly inspired her novel, and Josephine pulled out a newspaper clipping from that murder which she just happened to have in her collection…

Alex and I had more of a cruisy catch up day on Saturday, though I had time to run out and meet Tsana and her lovely husband Lewis for coffee in the morning, and then in the afternoon we zipped off to Collingwood to hang out underneath a pub with some lovely Doctor Who people and a whole bunch of very tall microphones.

Splendid Chaps was seriously the most fun ever. Just like podcasting only with REAL PEOPLE WHO I DIDN’T IMAGINE IN MY HEAD! I was delighted to meet Ben McKenzie & Petra Elliott in person and to remind myself that John Richards is one of my favourite people. Plus I got to meet the adorable Zenny, who had so many smart things to say. Also, we were both wearing TARDIS inspired outfits! (anyone who has pics of us, please send them my way, I ended up with hardly any on my phone!)

The episode goes up on the 23rd and I don’t want to spoil it or anything but if you know anything about the Colin Baker era of Doctor Who, you know what the musical number is. OH YEAH BABY. Now think how hard it would be to get a musician willing to do a cover of That Song.

Also, it is totally worth it to get along to one of the Splendid Chaps live shows if only to see what Petra is wearing. In this case, a candy pink 80’s jacket, a plastic bubbleskirt dress, and curly hair! If she doesn’t turn up for the 8th Doctor episode in an opera gown I will be very disappointed… but it was Ben who took the sartorial cake by sporting a very elegant and comfortable looking version of the Sixth Doctor’s coat – which turned out to belong to Our Grant, and was made by his Mum.

The funny part was that every time Ben put the coat on, he found himself ColinBakering – grasping his lapels, pulling faces, putting his hands on his hips and basically channeling the Sixth Doctor. Don’t mess with that coat, people! It was apparently responsible for at least 50% of the performance…

A lovely evening followed as we had dinner with the cast and crew of the show, plus assorted friends, talking madly about King Kong, Doctor Who and all manner of things.

By lunchtime on Sunday I was back in the arms of my family, sharing out airport presents and being leaped upon by small (and tall) children. A great trip, but I am quite glad it was so short – my girls missed me!

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  1. Josephine says:

    Hey you made it home safely! Loved meeting you Ms Tansy/Livia and still feeling inspired and chuckling to myself over some of the conversation and panel. Yes, I am still impressed that my filing system (ahem tea towel drawer) had exactly that clipping in it. Take Care and I can’t wait to read your next book set in Flynn. (Classic name for a Tasmanian town! xx

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