Patreon Halloween Special

Subscribers to my Patreon are about to have a bumper month of extra events, projects and rewards!

On Halloween weekend I’ll be hosting the first ever Inky Valkyrie Book Club, inviting all my Patreon subscribers to discuss one of my all time favourite children’s novels, the wacky and magical Which Witch by Eva Ibbotson.

Those who sign up at $3 or more before the end of September will get a special bonus reward, a “Witchy Reads” podcast episode made exclusively for you. This offer will end on September 30 2018 AEST so get in now!

Then there are the ordinary everyday rewards already built into the Patreon:

My current Sheep Might Fly podcast serial, Halloween Is Not A Verb, will be completed in October, and the ebook will drop for all subscribers before it goes on general sale.

My brand new Mocklore fantasy adventure serial, Soapy Ballads, is going to weekly updates instead of fortnightly! That’s double the hijinks. The first chapter has now been unlocked so check it out to see if it’s your cup of tea, but the rest of the book will be subscriber-only ($1+).

Essay of the Month — in August I talked about Failing at Fantasy.

And so many more rewards, extras and goodies for as little as $1 a month…

Diva vs Diva and Gentlewomen of the Press

So, exciting things are happening over at my Patreon this week. I released the annual Non Fiction book to all my subscribers — this year Gentlewomen of the Press, a collection of essays on the ‘girl reporter’ trope, many of which I wrote when promoting my Girl Reporter novella a little while back. They’ve been revised for the book, with some extra pieces looking at Lois Lane and other “gentlewomen of the press” that inspired in my childhood reading, from the March girls and their fake newspapers, to Anne Shirley selling a story about soap powder. Also covered: Press Gang, Sarah Jane Smith as a journalist, and the classic Rosalind Russell/Cary Grant movie His Girl Friday.

Subscribers of my Patreon get to download this book right now! You can sign up for as little as $1 per month.

But there’s more… a brand new Mocklore serial starts today, updating every two weeks, for Patreon subscribers only. Soapy Ballads is the infamous “lost” Mocklore novel, a manuscript that fell through the cracks back in the day, but somehow persisted through catalogues and an empty Amazon page for YEARS. Now, rewritten and fresh as a daisy, this story about bounty hunters, soap opera and goddesses which FINALLY resolves the Bounty & Luc story from Hobgoblin Boots, will be available for readers. I’m so excited to be able to share this very unusual fantasy story with my readers.

It’s diva vs diva in a new sword and sorcery serial about goddesses and soap opera!

Luc Triclover is an ex-hero running for his life, pursued by three goddesses demanding he pick which of them is the fairest of them all. Glamorous bounty hunter Bounty Fenetre wants to save her old friend from a fate worse than fate, but she still doesn’t have a plan, and he refuses to be rescued. Their stories converge in a muddy field, where a troupe of bards perform a daily soap opera for an audience of witches who watch their artificial world through crystal balls… a world where everything is larger than life, especially the hair and the heels.

This is Soapy Ballads, and the drama’s about to get real.

Emotional Masculinity and Lost Opportunities: Why Deadpool 2 is Better Than You Think (But Not As Good As It Could Have Been)

ALL THE SPOILERS seriously I’m gonna talk about every beat of this movie and you don’t want that, not if you’re planning to see it, so only read this without seeing the movie if you’re that person who seriously loves spoilers and thinks they make movies better, you know who you are.

Watch the movie first. It’s worth it. Or you know, don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

So hey let’s talk about Deadpool 2 and male heroes doing emotional work.

From the start, way back with the pre-publicity around the first Deadpool movie, the production team has played around with Deadpool’s alternative take on heroic masculinity — mostly for laughs, but it’s still significant in the history of pop culture. Many of the posters used provovative poses usually reserved for women, the first movie was released on Valentine’s Day and pitched as a date movie and a romance, and so on. This was also with the promotions around Deadpool 2. Movie Deadpool’s public image started to look a lot like the Hawkeye Initiative… except made by dudes.

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Mocklore Box Set

This is the Year of Mocklore! In April 1998, a nineteen-year-old aspiring writer got a phone call that would change her life: her unpublished novel had won a contest and was going to be published by Bantam/Transworld later that year.

THAT WAS 20 YEARS AGO! I have a bunch of different projects happening over the year to celebrate my 2 decades as a published author. This is something I’ve been working on for a while — a digital collected box set of all current Mocklore releases (3 novels, 6 short stories/novellas) exclusive to Kindle.

Heroic women, comic fantasy, big boots & flying sheep. Check out the Mocklore Chronicles.

It’s the final day of the Creature Court Kickstarter! We’ve come so far!

For the last day I’ve spruced up the stretch goals to make them even more exciting as we head to the finish line. (we’re currently at 16,938 so VERY close to making the next one.)

$17,000 – Tansy will send 2 Creature Court flash/micro fictions to Kickstarter backers before the end of the campaign!

$17,500 – 2 new ebooks added to the TansyRR digital bundle! Cranky Ladies of History, and A Trifle Dead.

$18,000 – Cabaret of Monsters (the prequel novella) will be released as a free podcast serial, read by Tansy, and a digital audiobook released to all backers. Estimated Delivery: late 2018

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Stretch Goal #1

My Kickstarter backers have spoken, and the two most popular enamel pin colours in the poll were green and teal. The plum (which is a personal favourite of mine) ran a very close third, so I will keep that one in mind for later stretch goals.

What does this mean? Until we make the first stretch goal of $16,000, absolutely nothing! But if we do make it…

1) Every backer with an enamel pin in their reward will be able to choose which variant of pin they wish to receive: black, teal or green.

2) A few more pledge levels will open up, allowing backers to add extra pins before the Kickstarter campaign closes.

3) Every pledge level at $99 or above will receive all 3 pins, one of each colour variant.

4) All backers will have the option of purchasing pins as add-ons via Backerkit, a few weeks after the Kickstarter campaign closes.

So let’s do this thing. Please spread the word about our awesome Kickstarter campaign, so we can reach $16,000 and unlock this awesome stretch goal. ONLY THREE DAYS TO GO!

We Did The Thing! Kickstarter Funded.

I’m delighted to announce that the Creature Court Kickstarter is FULLY FUNDED! This means all four books published, beautiful cover art by Kathleen Jennings, and all the other delightful rewards that my 340 first backers chose for themselves will all get to be made and sent out over this year.

It’s so exciting that I will have this trilogy back in print properly, and the new novella as well! I’ll also have the resources to do a paperback release next year, keeping these books in print into the future.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign so far… and it’s not too late! We have stretch goals to shoot for now, starting with:

$16,000 – two colour variants of the enamel pin, to be unlocked! Backers are voting on their favourite options right now to decide which two colours will be selected.
$17,000 – Tansy will write a Creature Court flash/micro fiction for every day remaining of the campaign, to be published on the Kickstarter page! Backers will be invited to contribute prompts & requests.

You can still pledge for the next 4 days to get awesome rewards including limited edition hardbacks, digital bundles, felt mice, ebooks, postcards, enamel pins and more! LET’S SEE HOW FAR WE CAN TAKE THIS!

Creature Court at Rome

Hello, the Creature Court Kickstarter is at 89% and I am crazy excited at how close we are to funding! Here’s another blog post based on some thoughts I had on Twitter this week. This is the story of my love affair and lifelong obsession with Ancient Rome, and how that fed into this, still one of the most ambitious writing projects of my life to date.

I’ve been talking about the Creature Court non-stop for weeks now, because #kickstarter is a shameless beast. But I haven’t talked enough about the importance of Ancient Rome to these books. My university didn’t teach genre writing, so I decided to study History & English to fuel my future fictional endeavours. I got diverted into Classics because those subjects were just more INTERESTING. And that’s how my life got eaten by the Ancient World.

So here’s a thing: when you study women of the ancient world, you can’t rely on literature because so few of their words survive: you have to look at the spaces between the history of men: at art and archaeology and numismatics as well as words.

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Listen to the Creature Court!

Special Creature Court episode! Download or stream it here.

I read one of my favourite chapters of Power and Majesty to tie in with my Kickstarter to raise money for the grand Creature Court Reprint Project.

Our last serial, Let Sleeping Princes Lie is now available as a Kindle pre-order, or you can download it straight away if you subscribe to my Patreon.

Sign up to my author newsletter for updates, follow me on Twitter at @tansyrr or @sheepmightfly, find me on Facebook at TansyRRBooks, and if you like this podcast consider supporting me at Patreon where you can receive all kinds of cool rewards, early ebooks and exclusive stories for a small monthly pledge.

See you next week!

So Many Wins For One Weekend!

I’m delighted to announce that I won four Aurealis Awards yesterday which is, still a ridiculous fact I can’t quite compute.

Before this I had won 2, Best Novel in 2011 for Power and Majesty, and the Convenor’s Award in 2012 for Galactic Suburbia. So….

FOUR. I can’t even.

The awards, btw were for Girl Reporter (Best YA Short Fiction, Best SF Novella), “The Curse Has Come Upon Me, Cried,” (Best Fantasy Short Story) and The Fictional Mother (Convenor’s Award).

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