TansyRR on Patreon 2019

It’s been an exciting fortnight on my Patreon! First I finally made the big change to rename the page from Musketeer Space (my original Patreon project) to the more all-inclusive patreon.com/tansyrr

Then I launched my Special Offer for a beautiful enamel pin designed by Kathleen Jennings, to celebrate 5 years as a Patreon creator.

Here it is:

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When You Wish Upon a Patreon

I have a brand new short story that’s going to be sent out to my $2+ Patreon supporters next Sunday — they get three of these a year!

While putting the ebook together, I also made a list of all available ebooks that new subscribers get to download from my Patreon with their first pledge. It’s a lot! Currently there are 5 (about to be 6) stories exclusive to those at the $2 level, and all of my supporters at any tier also get another FIFTEEN ebooks, including short fiction, a full novel, and three essay collections.

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Why Support a Patreon?

All of my Patreon supporters pledging at $5 or higher by 18 April this year will get a very special bonus reward: this adorable enamel pin designed by Kathleen Jennings, inspired by my Regency magic novella Tea and Sympathetic Magic.

Yesterday I blogged about what rewards you get if you pledge to my Patreon… and why the platform works so well for me as a creator.

Today, I want to share some quotes from my supporters. When I asked for some quotable comments about why you enjoy subscribing to my Patreon, I didn’t expect to be quite so flattered and inspired by your thoughtful responses!

“I am so grateful for your Patreon, your uplifting stories, playful narratives, and endearing and loveable characters truly make my day whenever I read your work, or listen to your podcast.”

Ju, Patreon Supporter
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Patreon Special Offer 2019

I’m delighted to announce a huge Special Offer that I’m running on my Patreon between now and 18 April.

All pledges at $5 or more this month will receive an exclusive enamel pin, designed by Kathleen Jennings, posted out to them in June 2019.

I commissioned this adorable piece of art to celebrate five years of being a Patreon creator, and restructuring how I work and live as a writer.

What’s so great about Patreon?

For me, running a Patreon has been a way to get back in touch with what I most want to write, and putting those stories directly in the hands of my most loyal and excited readers. The project started out with the production of my 18 month serialised novel, Musketeer Space, and now funds a free podcast with new and previously-published stories. I also write bonus stories that my subscribers get to read a year or more before anyone else, and love to share other bits and pieces whether it be micro-stories, manticores, essays etc. I am currently rewriting a long-lost novel manuscript from my Mocklore series, one chapter at a time, and only my subscribers get to read it as I go.

Having steady, reliable income coming in every month has made a huge difference to my confidence as a professional writer, and is a huge help to my family — writing income is notoriously erratic, and every bit of stability helps.

What do I get if I pledge $5 to your Patreon?

For a start, I’ll send you a “Tea and Sympathetic Magic” enamel pin based on the image you see in the banner!

But also:

  • Download access to a huge stack of stories, novellas and books including my sprawling space opera novel Musketeer Space, every title in the Belladonna University and Castle Charming series, and so much more.
  • Six bonus Patreon-first stories only available to those at a $2 tier and higher. This includes last year’s Regency Magic novella Tea & Sympathetic Magic (the inspiration for the pin), and a brand new story dropping this month.
  • Backstage Pass: a quarterly ezine with sneak peeks at my behind-the-scenes writing process, snippets from upcoming works (or those in progress) and more.
  • Access to the Galactic Slack, a fantastic, highly inclusive discussion forum for fans of the podcast Galactic Suburbia and its hosts.
  • Start reading Soapy Ballads, my Patreon-exclusive Mocklore serial.
  • Ongoing $5 subscribers all get 3 Random Acts of Post, sent out to them through the year. These might be postcards, letters, zines, recipes small gifts, or anything else that inspires me.

What if I only pledge at $ 5+ for one month, then stop?

I will still send you the enamel pin! You’ll also get access to all the downloadable content including this month’s new goodies like the bonus short story and a new Backstage Pass for April 2019.

Don’t make any changes until after 18 April, to make sure you’re registered for the Special Offer, but you can then choose to lower your pledge for future months, or even unsubscribe completely.

What if I pledge at less than $5?

I won’t be able to send you an enamel pin BUT there’s still lots of great content to access whether you sign up with a $1, $2 or $3 pledge. I appreciate all my supporters so much, and you all contribute to the success of this Patreon campaign.


Any Questions??? Ask them here!

Award Eligibility Post

It’s a thing. Let’s skip past the apologies for allowing the post to exist.

2018 was a big year for me! In fact I have already been nominated for some awards (woo, the Aurealis Awards are more efficient than me, let’s not all faint in shock).

My fantasy novella “Merry Happy Valkyrie” and the glorious science fiction anthology Mother of Invention, which I co-edited with Rivqa Rafael, have both been nominated for the Aurealis! Also nominated, a splendid story by Lee Cope, “A Robot Like Me,” from MOI.

For the convenience of those wishing to know these things for Ditmar nominations, the fabulous Rivqa has posted a list of our Mother of Invention stories, making it easy for you to tell easily which of our stories are Australian.

Mother of Invention is also eligible to be nominated in the Best Collected Work category of the Ditmars, and our gorgeous artwork by Likhain is eligible for Best Professional Artwork.

Rivqa also outlines the categories for which we are eligible (and not eligible) for those nominating for the Hugo Awards and Locus Poll!

My SFF fiction published in 2019 includes the following:

“Let Sleeping Princes Lie,” Sheep Might Fly podcast (2017-18), self published (2018) – novella approx 26,000 words

“Charm or Die,” Patreon exclusive (2018) — short story approx 5000 words

Cabaret of Monsters, self published (2018) — novella approx 27,000 words

“Girls Who Read Austen,” Patreon exclusive (2018) — short story approx 1000 words

“Halloween is Not a Verb,” Sheep Might Fly podcast (2018) — novelette approx 14000 words

Merry Happy Valkyrie, (Twelfth Planet Press 2018) — novella approx 22000 words

“Tea and Sympathetic Magic,” Patreon exclusive (2018)  — novella approx 17000 words

“Purrfect Criminal,” Welcome to Pacific City (SFFWorld 2018) — short story approx 5600 words

The beautiful new editions of the Creature Court trilogy: Power and Majesty, The Shattered City and Reign of Beasts, were originally published between 2010-2012 and are not eligible for 2018 awards HOWEVER the glorious art by Kathleen Jennings combined with the design by Cathy Larsen absolutely is eligible for professional art awards, so please keep them in mind.

Also don’t forget to nominate podcasts for the Hugo and the Ditmar! Mine are Galactic Suburbia, Verity! and Sheep Might Fly.

The Creature Court Pre-orders and Prizes

February is Creature Court month!

After my successful Kickstarter and nearly a year of distributing rewards, this award-winning fantasy trilogy is finally coming back into print on February 14, 2019, featuring revised text and gorgeous new cover art by the amazing Kathleen Jennings.

“Blistering fire raining from the sky, explosions and devils and stabbing shards of ice. A city of people sheltering underground, rebuilding their lives despite the horrors that screamed down from above. It was the stuff of legends, ancient history, stories that had grown bigger in the telling. But the truth, Velody, is that the skywar never stopped. It’s hidden from the daylight folk, but we of the nox are still fighting that war. It’s our job to protect the city that can’t protect itself.”

You can pre-order ebooks of Power and Majesty, The Shattered City and Reign of Beasts right now on Amazon Kindle (more ebook vendors to follow).

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January Essay: Team Mary Queen of Scots

I never really thought much about Mary Queen of Scots before I fell in love with the TV series Reign — thanks to a very Anglo-centred historical world view, my knowledge of this era pretty much revolved around the Tudors and Elizabeth I.

Like buying a yellow car, it seems like suddenly Mary Stuart is everywhere! There’s a new Queen of Scots movie out soon with Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie that looks great. I’m feeling very pro Queen right now, after enjoying the recent art comedy The Favourite about Queen Anne and her warring ladies-in-waiting (another queen I knew little about before the wonders of pop culture brought her into my heart).

One of my resolutions this year (I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I do like themes for the year ahead) is to spend more time immersed in history, so I thought I’d launch an occasional series of Team Queen essays, lifting up the powerful women of yore. Mary Queen of Scots is a particularly interesting one to start with.

Scottish history (not to mention French history) is full of blood, wonder and operatic political machinations. Let’s get messy.

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How I Patreon

It’s now been four and a half years since I launched my Patreon page.

At the time it was a very new form of crowdfunding, and I had a specific project I wanted to make happen: Musketeer Space, still the best elevator-pitchable novel I’ve ever written (gender-swapped retelling of the Three Musketeers in Spaaaaace).

I adore serials, and I was excited to write this particular story. For more than a year I immersed myself in space opera, Musketeers and more. As well as publishing a chapter a week of the novel on a blog (spoilers: this is a great way to write a novel that is long enough to be two novels) and pausing halfway through to write a festive prequel novella, I also did a weekly rewatch of Robotech and a monthly critical essay reviewing one of the many Musketeer adaptations (now available as the book It’s Raining Musketeers).

At the end of the project, I edited my mighty tome into a coherent (if way too long) novel, and sent it out as an ebook to all of my Patreon subscribers. I was proud of what I had achieved… but not quite sure where to go next, Patreon-wise. Should I wind up the project? Start something new?

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The Art of the Christmas Special

I’m fascinated with festivals and traditions — it’s something that has always interested me, to the point that I wrote my Honours thesis about religious festivals in Ancient Rome. The history of Christmas, with its hodge-podge of different cultural traditions layered in over so many assumptions and so much storytelling has become something of an obsession of mine in recent years.

I was delighted to find some new TV Christmas Specials to love this year — my favourite genre of holiday media, still competing strongly with Fakey Better-Than-Hallmark Romances on Netflix and Festive Teen Wolf Fanfic.

Old favourites include Miranda, The Vicar of Dibley, AbFab, Community, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Gavin and Stacey and of course the ultimate retro classics, Blackadder’s Christmas Carol and Bernard & the Genie (the latter is a TV movie, it counts). Plus, you know. Thirteen years of Doctor Who taking on Santa robots and flying sharks.

Upstart Crow, the not-exactly-new-anymore Shakespeare sitcom by Ben Elton, is both educational and entertaining — but its 2017 Christmas Special which I discovered on Australian iView this year is an instant classic! I love how many of the jokes come out of real historical detail, building in so many bits of Elizabethan Yuletide tradition with a bunch of modern smirks to camera. They talk about the Advent fast, the Lord of Misrule, wassailing and of course the twelve nights themselves, which we mostly hear about these days via pre-Christmas sales advertising.

I particularly adored the way that one of the Love, Actually plotlines was woven in, building up to a truly extraordinary scene with Emma Thompson guest starring as a brittle, savage and deeply complex Queen Elizabeth I. More than a sitcom! Those are some of the best lines I’ve ever seen her deliver as an actor.

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