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My honey called me from work today to tell me he had bought my book again – in e-form, from the iBooks store.

“There are IBOOKS for sale in the IBOOKS store?” I repeated, very excited.

Because yes, having Power and Majesty as an e-book is super exciting, and not something I knew about in advance at all, but I’m almost as completely excited that after half a year sharing a house with an iPad, nearly a year owning an iPod Touch and about a month or so with my own iPhone (it’s kind of adorable, but my honey didn’t have a single Mac product when we first got together and now he practically hurls them into the household at superspeed) it was now, finally, possible to buy ebooks that didn’t come from Project Gutenberg.

Not that I’m knocking Project Gutenberg, I love me some free old books, but sometimes you want more than just the first two Agatha Christies, you know?

So yes. Apple is finally getting the ebook thing happening in Australia. And Power and Majesty is RIGHT THERE on the front line. This is kinda squeeworthy! I am a little disappointed in the layout and design of the iBooks store – it’s not nearly as tantalising and enticing as iTunes, and while the searchability is excellent, I like a bit more razzle dazzle when I’m browsing for purchases. But early days. I hope it will get shinier as more books and publishers get involved.

Apparently there are some scandals & grumbles about which publishers are In and which Not – I hope these get ironed out and would love to see some small press in there, EH ALISA? (Mustn’t shout, the poor darling is sleeping off her long voyage)

If any of you out there like your data all tiny and portable, and you have an Apple related reading device, you can pick up a copy of P&M in the iBooks store for $14.99. And those of you who have read & enjoyed my book already, I would be very grateful if you considered rating or reviewing it over there. Sorry to say that I am almost certain this only applies to the Australia/NZ iBooks store. While I would love to see Power and Majesty available to everyone, it’s still only for sale locally. Believe me, I will be screaming delightedly from the rooftops should this situation change, and the Creature Court go global.

I have no idea if my book is popping up in other formats or other e-book vendors. This one was a total surprise to me! I would be ever so grateful if any gentle readers who spots it somewhere would let me know.

Possibly, at some point, I can stop gazing at my own listing and look for some other books to buy in there. I already know that Trent Jamieson’s Death Most Definite and Nicole Murphy’s The Secret Ones are in there, and Kylie Chan’s books, and a couple of Jonathan Strahan’s anthologies. Does anyone know of other Aussie SF books in there that I could go and peek at?

PS: It occurs to me that I entirely failed to blog about, you know, finishing Book Three and emailing it off to the publisher. But I did that thing, back on October 31st. I spent this morning trying to nut out a 150 word blurb for it, to go into the 2011 catalogue because eeeeee two novels out next year. Which means MORE EBOOKS. Hooray!

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  1. Robert Hoge says:

    It’s great the iBook store has finally started selling books. And that there’s some good local content on there.

    The reaction from a lot of local authors kind of makes me wonder though how much of a handle many of them have on their e-book presence and how much their publishers are telling them about what their doing in the digital space.

    Power and Majesty has been available at the Kobo store for ages – and it’s cheaper (at least for now)! And Siren Beat is available there too, so I think Alisa has a pretty good handle on it. I think she’s using Smashwords.

    But great that it’s up there and there’s another channel for readers to access it through.

  2. tansyrr says:

    Hey Rob

    As you can tell I don’t have a handle on my ebook status at all – we were given general updates on the HarperCollins plan for ebooks at a seminar in Melbourne but I didn’t even know mine was on the list of those to be made available.

    From what I have heard elsewhere I suspect that the publishers don’t necessarily know what’s coming out when either – once they submit it to Apple there’s a whole lot of hurry up and wait and they could be dealing with hundreds of titles so I can see it would be hard to run around and keep track of what has gone up and whether the author knows about it…

    On the other hand it’s hard to promote a book you don’t know about…

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