In Bookshops Now:

Siren Beat (Twelfth Planet Press 2009)

Power and Majesty: Creature Court Book One (HarperCollins Voyager 2010)

The Shattered City: Creature Court Book Two (HarperCollins Voyager 2011)

Love and Romanpunk (Twelfth Planet Press 2011)

Reign of Beasts: Creature Court Book Three (HarperCollins Voyager)

A Trifle Dead by Livia Day

Out of Print:

Splashdance Silver (Bantam 1998)
Liquid Gold (Bantam 1999)
Seacastle: The Lost Shimmaron #1 (ABC Books 2007)

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  1. […] Dark Urban Fantasy, Siren Beat, has just been released. Again set in Hobart, but a very different Hobart from the one we know, […]

  2. […] she does regular features on comic books, Robotech, and fun links (most) every Friday! She’s also a novelist, and she cohosts two podcasts: the aforementioned Verity! and Galactic Suburbia, a relaxed, rambly […]

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