Siren Beat

Siren Beat/Roadkill
Siren Beat/Roadkill

SIREN BEAT/ROADKILL (Twelfth Planet Press 2009)

This Twelfth Planet Press Double features two urban fantasy novelettes by Tansy Rayner Roberts and Robert Shearman.

In “Siren Beat,” by Tansy Rayner Roberts, ageless guardian Nancy Napoleon stands at the harbour of Hobart, Tasmania, protecting the city from all manner of mythological and magical threats that come from the water. Now her sister is dead and Nancy can’t bring herself to care any more… until two man-eating sirens come to shore and start luring children into their hot new nightclub. Nancy must make her peace with her sister’s ghost, with Nick Cadmus and with herself to be a match for the sirens and throw them off her turf once and for all.

Siren Beat/Roadkill can be purchased here. Tansy’s novelette Siren Beat can be purchased on its own as an e-book from Smashwords.

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