The Creature Court trilogy (HarperVoyager)


The Creature Court is a dark fantasy trilogy featuring flappers, shape-changers and bloodthirsty court politics.

Welcome to Aufleur: a city of festivals, ribbons and honey cakes. The people of the daylight have no idea that when nox falls, a secret war is being waged over their heads. The only ones who know the truth are the Creature Court, a secret society devoted to saving the city, even at the cost of their own sanity. Follow the story of Velody, a dressmaker who discovers a hidden war being played out in the night sky of the city of Aufleur, and of Ashiol, the exiled Ducomte who would do anything to avoid ruling the people who cast him out.

In this trilogy of novels by Tansy Rayner Roberts, the two worlds of nox and daylight collide with terrible results.

Check out the maps of Aufleur, hand-drawn by my talented mother Jilli (so handy to have a professional artist in the family).

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Square 130x126Power and Majesty (Creature Court)The Shattered City (Creature Court)Reign of Beasts (Creature Court)

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