The Shattered City: Book Two

The Shattered City: Creature Court Book Two
paperback available from HarperCollins April 2011
ebook available April 2011

She could hear that laughter again, and for a moment Velody was confused, not sure which dead man was mocking her.

Velody now holds the leadership of the Creature Court. The unsteady alliances within the Court are beginning to fracture, as a series of murders and disappearances throw suspicion on one of their own. Ashiol finds Aufleur’s many festivals frivolous, until a major one is cancelled. Unease grows.

It seems nothing can save the city from a massacre … nothing but the ultimate sacrifice from one of the Creature Kings.

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Shortlisted for the 2012 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

“This book has everything you could want from the sequel to a great dark fantasy. It’s sexier, nastier and answers questions while asking harder ones. There’s a lot more detail on the exotic members of the Creature Court and it’s just as deliciously decadent as the first. With hints of ‘Gormenghast’, goth and anime, this is a book that oozes with contemporary cool.”
Stefen Brazulaitis, Bookseller+Publisher

“If you’re a fan of dark fantasy – especially if you’re a fan of Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels books – the Creature Court books are highly recommended.”
Stephanie Gunn

“Action, blood and lust and a little bit of dressmaking. If you enjoy well written action, political intrigue, anime like transformation of characters into monstrous beasts and well written sex scenes give the whole series a go.”
Sean the Bookonaut

“The Creature Court series offers a layered, detailed, credible world, peopled with a cast of complex, motivated individuals.”
Jason Nahrung.

The Shattered City (Creature Court)

5 replies on “The Shattered City: Book Two”

  1. Hi Tansy,

    I just finished Power and Majesty and I’m very keen to get a hold of The Shattered City. It’s a fantastic story and I’m extremely impressed. Definitely up there with the best I’ve read in the last few years. Longer. Will be recommending it to all my friends. I’ll try to get a review up on my website soon, too.


  2. tansyrr says:

    Thanks, Chris! Word of mouth is meat and drink to a working writer (and her books) so all signal-boosting is much appreciated. I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Jeanette Marsh says:

    Hi Tansy,
    I loved, loved, loved Power & Majesty. Addictive. Love the Venetian characters & especially Velody & her strengths. About to download The Shattered City ebook.

  4. Kath says:

    Hi Tansy, picked up Power and Majesty in the Hobart Bookshop last year looking for a book for the weekend visit. And loved it!! Stumbled on The Shattered City in a bookshop in Melbourne, was ecstatic, and I’ve just finished it tonight! Will now be counting the days down to the next. Love Delphine and the way she now just rolls with what is happening, but have a real soft spot for Crane and his feelings for Velody. I am so looking forward to what they all get up to in the next book! Thank you for writing something different! Will be recommending your books to friends. Happy Writing!!

  5. tansyrr says:

    Hi Jeanette and Kath. Thanks so much for your comments! I love to hear what (and who) people love best about these books, and it’s cool to hear where you bought them, too. Hope you love Book 3!

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