Christmas Cute

Jem has *got* Christmas this year. She knows it’s coming, she’s singing the songs, and she refuses to put up with any guff about how many decorations on the tree are handmade by her big sister, thus is claiming that she is personally responsible for anything with a ribbon on it.

Did I mention singing songs?

This is her version of a certain Christmas classic:

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Eight maids a milking
Seven swans a swimming
Four calling birds
Three fresh hens
Two turtle dogs
And a partridge in a pear tree!

She will then repeat exactly the same verse over and over until forcibly muffled. It’s always the first day of Christmas, the maids always get top billing, and yes she said turtle DOGS.

I think she’s sung it through exactly the same way at least twenty times since December started. I live in constant mild dread that someone will correct her and she will lose her own special version. It feels sometimes like their childhood is all about the adorable things they stop doing.

In other Christmas goodness, a new Diana Comet story! If you haven’t read the charming and genderqueer collection Diana Comet & Other Improbable Tales, then you are missing out. This one, Diana Comet and the Christmas Quilt, is about a girl who asks Diana to “fix” her brother who likes to wear women’s clothes. It is also a story with WALL TO WALL CANDY.

Another Christmas treat – further reasons to argue about the BBC’s definition of “prequel”. But more importantly, extra Madam Vastra and Jenny. I am SO looking forward to this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special: