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Countdown to Nanowrimo

October 23rd, 2011 at 18:46

So we have… eight days to go! I’m getting so excited about this year’s Nano. I have a new book to start FROM SCRATCH (newbooknewbooknewbook) – Fury was a new book, but it came out of Siren Beat, and came with the baggage and negatives of writing a sequel without the benefits.

But this one is newwwwwww and even though I first got the spark about it a year or more ago (possibly two? I think Iz was badgering me to write it for Nano last year) I have not let myself write any of it down.

What I love about new new new new new book is that it’s a challenge in so many interesting ways – it contains stuff I’ve never done before, and a few aspects of it terrify me. But in many ways I think it will make a better follow up to Creature Court than Nancy Napoleon – it’s not the same kind of book in any real sense, but it has a few tonal aspects in common. It can certainly be described as dark fantasy rather than urban fantasy, and I can see it being marketed in the same sort of way.


The other nice thing, once I have wrapped my head around the idea that I’m starting a new novel in just over a week, is that I feel like I can start blogging about writing again. There’s something about the middle and second half of a novel where it’s hard to think of anything to talk about – without massively spoilering everyone for a book that isn’t even contracted yet. I mean, do you want to know that Nancy is decapitated in the second last chapter?* No, you do not.

*This doesn’t happen. Unless workshopping it takes the book in a radically different direction…

So I imagine I’ll be talking a lot about writing. This happens when I nano.

Plus, did I mention?


If you are Nanoing this year, you can find my profile at tansyrr.

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5 Responses to “Countdown to Nanowrimo”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Muwha, yes, this means if you were inclined to join your regional forum on Nano, you would fall under , which is what I run :D Oh this makes me beyond happy.

    Feel free to pop in, we have two threads going for those in Tassie, and quite a few other threads too of general chatting. We’ll also be running word wars and things.

    The forums can be distracting though, so I totally understand if you’re more interested in, y’know, writing :)

  2. Katharine Says:

    Annnd I knew I would stuff up that tag. Drat and darn it. My apologies.

  3. tansyrr Says:

    Oooh excellent. Yes I do fall under that Other category and will certainly pop in!

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