Want to read swashbuckling space opera with swords, politics, a cranky bisexual protagonist, and Musketeers who fly spaceships? Check out Musketeer Space and its prequel novella, Joyeux.

Want to read humorous fantasy with witches, pirates, chainmail lingerie and flying sheep? Check out The Mocklore Omnibus (featuring Mocklore #1: Splashdance Silver & Mocklore #2: Liquid Gold), Ink Black Magic (Mocklore #3), and Bounty, a collection of short stories and novellas set in the tiny Mocklore Empire.

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Want to read dark, sexy epic fantasy with shapechangers and flapper dresses? Tansy’s Creature Court trilogy returned to print in 2019 and can now be purchased in ebook and paperback!

Are pop culture essays your thing? Check out Pratchett’s Women, a series of essays on the portrayal of female characters in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Or you can go over to where a bunch of Tansy’s writing is available free, including one of her all-time most popular essays, Historically Authenticated Sexism: Let’s Unpack That.

She also fights writes crime! The Cafe La Femme series by Tansy’s alter ego Livia Day are fun mysteries featuring Hobart’s cafes, delicious desserts, vintage clothing and the occasional horrible murder: A Trifle Dead, Drowned Vanilla and The Blackmail Blend.

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