Cranky Ladies, One Last Push

Here we are on the final run! With sixteen hours to go, we have funded our project by 130%, not to mention the Arts Tasmania grant that we also receive for reaching our funding goal.

Tehani and I have been blown away by the wonderful support so many of you (just short of 200!) have shown for our book idea that just kept getting bigger and bigger. It’s nothing short of inspiring to have so many people eagerly awaiting the anthology, and to have so many more gearing up to create something wonderful for it.

The wonderfully talented Kathleen Jennings has been practicing her Cranky Ladies drawing skills, and I’m so excited to see what she comes up with for the front cover. If you’ve been on the fence about ordering one of our gorgeous reward options involving prints, tote bags, umbrellas etc., do go along to her Tanaudel site to see a sneak peek of the kind of artwork we can look forward to.

And of course, this is your very VERY last chance to order the hardback edition of Cranky Ladies of History.

We’re just under $1000 away from our last stretch goal, to increase the number of stories in the book. With only 16 hours to go, can we do it? Can we? WATCH THIS SPACE.

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  1. Scott Leis says:

    And you reached the last stretch goal in the final hour. Yay!
    I’m looking forward to a fine book.

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