Creature Court Fashion Challenge: First Wave!

Glad to see some entrants right off the bat, especially as I forgot to put up an end date for the Creature Court Fashion Challenge (it’s 15th December, for those of you working on more long-term entries).  Remember, the earlier you enter, the more valuable your sneak peek of Reign of Beasts is.  Which, by the way, went to TYPESETTING today, hoorah!

Oh and for those of you outside Australia wanting to enter, yes, I will send postcards anywhere.  And I meant it when I said everyone’s a winner.   Get entering!


Katharine S in Darwin described a costume for Rhian (because she misses her! Don’t worry, there will be lots of Rhian in Book 3):

A full dress in matte black (not shiny at all) with very slightly puffed sleeves, modest neckline and tight around the bodice
down to the hips, where it flares out, changing eventually to a deep, deep green. Think Phthalo Green but sweeter,
maybe with a bit of Skobeloff mixed in. Sewn into the hem of the dress are many, many peacock feathers (or similar in their world) so the edge of the fabric is hidden completely by ticklish feathery shimmeryness – you can hardly see the fabric through them. On the bodice, under the breast is a single small peacock feather – generally unseen as it’s hidden by the shadow of the curve. The edge of the short puffed sleeves would be an inch of lace with wide cut, to show the skin beneath.

Worn with this dress, generally, would be high boots. Around the neck would be a single ribbon, around the wrist… well, depends on the occasion. In the hair, a headband with a single, long and wide feather attached on top delicately to sit atop perfectly flat non-frizzy shiny hair (oh, we can only dream of having novel-perfect hair…)

[Tansy says: yep, there are definitely peacocks in their world. And I’m not just talking about Ashiol and Poet.  What a gorgeous, thoughtful description!  I loved the detail on the colours especially, as I’ve never heard of either of those greens before, and I thought I was a green aficionado!]

Alisa K in Perth:

Hello! Naked boys falling from the sky NEED NO COSTUME, though maybe some tassles and a bow on their boyly bits.

[Tansy says: Hmm, I’m going to allow it, if only to show that even a brief entry is worthy of a postcard, and also to get the whole ‘naked’ option out of the way early. No repeats! Also I like the use of the phrase ‘boyly bits.’

And yes, even my friends have to submit to the contest to score a postcard.  Heh.]

Madeline T in Queensland gave me two entries because she couldn’t decide between them, and they go rather nicely together:

They were at once both similar  and strikingly opposite, a study in contradictions.

Warlord at first glance was blatantly barbaric. His feet and chest were bare, but for a band around his left arm and a matching neckpiece made of segments of flat, polished ivory, connected by thin bands of gold. He wore only Zafiran pants, soft and loose, billowing around the strong lines of his legs, easily seen through the fine fabric. They were of the lightest vicose, soft as down feathers to touch, and of a rich cream colour that was stunning against his dusky skin.

Velody at first glance looked the demure demoiselle in an old-fashioned white gown that covered her from chin to ankle. The dress had a high choker-style collar, the edge of the sleeves brushed her knuckles, and the skirts were full. But for all it covered, nothing was hidden. The collar, bodice and sleeves were skin tight and made of the finest silk lace. It looked as though she was painted with moonlight. When she walked the full skirts parted, a cunningly hidden slit down the length of the skirt allowing one long bare leg to be seen. Her long hair was bound up in a net, invisible against her dark hair so that the beads of moonstone and pearl seemed strewn through her hair, a scattering of lustrous miniature stars amongst the glossy strands.

[Tansy says: so much of the personality of my characters comes across in these descriptions! I wish I could send two postcards, but I fear that might be a bad precedent… I don’t want to end up hand-writing the whole novel for enthusiastic readers!  I’m still more than happy to receive & post multiple entries, though.  The more the merrier.]

And from Bill R in New York, we have:

I saw the contest on your blog yesterday, and put together a sketch inspired by a drawing from the 1925 comic strip “Flapper Fanny.” The sketch is attached.

This is an outfit for Delphine. It’s made by Velody, of course, trying to represent the nox sky in fashion. The deep blue material is the sky itself, with a series of sequins and beads to represent the stars, while the pink lines on the ribbon echo rays of scratchlight. It’s scandalously cut above the knee to set tongues wagging and to allow freedom of movement, while the bracelets are made of skysilver so Delphine is always ready to be a sentinel.

[Tansy says: my first drawing!  I’m excited – the verbal descriptions are lovely, but there’s something about art based on our books which makes an author bounce up and down.  More visual entries, please!  They don’t have to come with words, but I do like the explanation here which gives a philosophy behind the clothing choice]

Thanks so much to my first entrants – I’ll be writing your postcards this week!  That’s the first wave – I’ll be putting up another post in the next week or so.  Keep sending in your descriptions/designs of outfits for Creature Court characters, and I’ll keep writing postcards with sneak peeks of Book 3!


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  2. Alisa says:

    OMG that sketch is AWESOME!

  3. tansyrr says:

    Isn’t it cute? Love the slightly knobbly knees. I have a pic for the next batch I’ll be putting up too – words are all very well but I DO LOVE PICTURES BEST.

    Tell Chris if he wants his own postcard he has to send in an entry 😀

  4. Katharine says:

    I got the postcard today! Thank you so much, it’s fantastic 🙂 It’s going up on my wall at work.

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