The Creature Court Pre-orders and Prizes

February is Creature Court month!

After my successful Kickstarter and nearly a year of distributing rewards, this award-winning fantasy trilogy is finally coming back into print on February 14, 2019, featuring revised text and gorgeous new cover art by the amazing Kathleen Jennings.

“Blistering fire raining from the sky, explosions and devils and stabbing shards of ice. A city of people sheltering underground, rebuilding their lives despite the horrors that screamed down from above. It was the stuff of legends, ancient history, stories that had grown bigger in the telling. But the truth, Velody, is that the skywar never stopped. It’s hidden from the daylight folk, but we of the nox are still fighting that war. It’s our job to protect the city that can’t protect itself.”

You can pre-order ebooks of Power and Majesty, The Shattered City and Reign of Beasts right now on Amazon Kindle (more ebook vendors to follow).

Paperback editions are available for pre-order at Booktopia, Book Depository, Amazon and more. You should be able to order them directly from your local bookshop if you’re in Australia, the UK or US.


To encourage pretty pretty pre-orders, I am holding a contest! Prizes I have to give away include:

Creature Court pins (designed by Kathleen Jennings for the Kickstarter) in winner’s choice of black, teal, green, or NEW COLOUR plum.

5 signed paperback copies of Cabaret of Monsters, prequel novella to the Creature Court trilogy.

2 prize pack boxes including signed paperback of Cabaret of Monsters, all 4 pins, assorted random goodies AND a hand-made felt mouse.

How to Enter (multiple entries encouraged).

  • Send me an email with a screencap/copy of a receipt showing you have pre-ordered Power and Majesty, The Shattered City and/or Reign of Beasts. (1 entry per book)
  • If you already bought or pre-ordered any of the trilogy via Kickstarter, send me an email to let me know you want to enter the contest! (1 entry per book)
  • Post any Creature Court themed image on Instagram with the hashtag #creaturecourt — and send me the link so I have your contact info! (1 entry per image)
  • Tweet a link to this post with the hashtag #creaturecourt including my handle @tansyrr — and send me the link so I have your contact info! (1 entry per tweet)
  • My Patreon subscribers get 1 bonus entry each — but it’s opt-in, so contact me through Patreon or email to let me know you want to enter.

Entries close at midnight on 28 February 2019. Emails should be sent to news (at)

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5 replies on “The Creature Court Pre-orders and Prizes”

  1. Amy says:

    Is it one email per entry? Or if I preorder the entire trilogy from my local bookseller and send you one email with a picture of the receipt, is that three entries?

    I’m excited to get my hands on physical copies of these lovelies!

  2. Katja says:

    Hi ya. Please enter me. Would love a hard copy to go with the other three signed books…. xxx

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