Day 11 – Cranky Ladies is a Marathon, not a Sprint

It’s hard to deny that 83% looks pretty good from here. Yesterday, I lamented on Twitter about how agonising it was to be only $5 away from reaching the $7K mark, and a few small pledges straight after tumbled us beautifully over that hurdle and on to the next one. We’re now at $7135, so every pledge helps us count down the final $1500.

If nothing else, this campaign has been working on my hang ups about self promotion. Talking about things actually makes people pay attention to them!

Still, even though it looks like it’s all sewn up, it really isn’t, not until we cross that final line. So our job now, in the middle of the month, is to keep our energy levels high, stay hydrated, and keep heading forward. Yeah crowdfunding!

We’ve added another reward level, because we’ve had suggestions from various people they would like to buy a second copy of the book to pass on to a friend, or their Mum. So if you have a special person in your life who you think would benefit from the book, please check out the new ‘One for me, one for a friend’ level. If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas, please remember that Cranky Ladies won’t be released until February 2015 – but the Cranky Ladies calendar will be released to all supporters in good time for Christmas giving.

My fellow hosts on the Verity Podcast were nice enough to let me plug the anthology on the new episode of Verity! It happened to also be the episode where we addressed the historical villains (as part of our ongoing theme year on the villains and monsters of Doctor Who), which led to all kinds of interesting chat about why historical stories work differently in the show, and the ethical issues of time travel, not to mention the ethical issues of writing about time travel. I’m really proud of this especially crunchy episode.

Meanwhile, the Cranky Ladies of History Blog Tour continues – if you want to write about your favourite cranky lady of history, let us know so we can link to your post too!

Also, our good friends from the excellent Splendid Chaps podcast are launching their own crowdfunding campaign today! Night Terrace, their SF comedy audio series, will be raising funds on Kickstarter from 1pm Melbourne time and I heartily recommend you check them out. I love audio drama, I love John & Ben & Petra, and after the fabulous performances that came from Splendid Chaps (not to mention their combined backgrounds in theatre, radio, TV and live action games) I have no doubt that Night Terrace is going to be fabulous. Please support them!

UPDATE: they’ve announced their lead actress is Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy from Neighbours) and now I’m super fangirling about them even more! Go pledge to Kickstarter now!


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