Day in the Life of a Mama Writer

If I was to document the perfect day in the life of myself as a writer, it might very well be today. Not that it was a perfect PERFECT writing day, which would involve writing brilliant words in between sipping mint cocktails and lounging around afterwards doing “research” with piles of books without having to think about my children once, but it’s the perfect writing day for where I am right now in my life.

I started work once my honey left with Raeli on the school run, putting Jem down for a nap after not-too-long (and she WENT) and after weeks of struggling through every chapter it was brilliant to power my way through the chapters I had planned to work on today. I took a phone call from the local free newspaper, who were interested in doing an interview with me (thanks to [info] godiyeva who called them and dobbed me in for this, I’m sure I would have got around to it, but not any time soon).

I hit my editing milestone, got the baby up from her nap, took her around to the newspaper office for the interview (she was a total hit, and got into the photo they took and everything – I’m not entirely sure I had to be there). I then picked up a celebratory curry for our lunch and took it home – Jem approved of chicken korma and rice, and particularly liked the pakora and naan, but I think I misjudged the spice a bit (it’s bad when they smile with tears running down their faces, right?) and ended up shovelling pureed apple into her to balance things out.

Then I took a phone call from my editor (this is a major milestone, last time we kept missing each other for about a week and a half) and discussed the various emails full of titles for Book 2 I had been sending her throughout the whole edit. We came up with something we both liked (still mulling it over for a bit) and the second we hung up I ran to change the baby, cos there had been a very alarming smell through the whole conversation.

A little more writing and planning after that, and then it was off to the school pick up run. I seized my child and Inigo (not at random, I was supposed to pick him up too) and got talked into bringing them back here to play, which meant I got a chance to catch up on my doll business for the – let’s say day though really it was pretty much for the week. One of the tasks included a phone call with my Mum, which I used to book Raeli in for a sleepover (WRITING TIME) this weekend.

Jem is napping again, in preparation for the fun evening ahead, celebrating [info] godiyeva‘s birthday.

So basically it’s been a busy day but just short of hectic. The timing for everything has worked out pretty well perfectly, and I’ve managed to juggle current writing commitments, extra writing/publicity work, the mothering essentials and hey, I found time to write a blog entry. Of all the days this week, this is the one I’d hold up as an example of when the whole writer-mother-working-from-home thing actually works.

Of course, the house does look like a bomb has hit it, but you can’t have everything!

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