Diva vs Diva and Gentlewomen of the Press

So, exciting things are happening over at my Patreon this week. I released the annual Non Fiction book to all my subscribers — this year Gentlewomen of the Press, a collection of essays on the ‘girl reporter’ trope, many of which I wrote when promoting my Girl Reporter novella a little while back. They’ve been revised for the book, with some extra pieces looking at Lois Lane and other “gentlewomen of the press” that inspired in my childhood reading, from the March girls and their fake newspapers, to Anne Shirley selling a story about soap powder. Also covered: Press Gang, Sarah Jane Smith as a journalist, and the classic Rosalind Russell/Cary Grant movie His Girl Friday.

Subscribers of my Patreon get to download this book right now! You can sign up for as little as $1 per month.

But there’s more… a brand new Mocklore serial starts today, updating every two weeks, for Patreon subscribers only. Soapy Ballads is the infamous “lost” Mocklore novel, a manuscript that fell through the cracks back in the day, but somehow persisted through catalogues and an empty Amazon page for YEARS. Now, rewritten and fresh as a daisy, this story about bounty hunters, soap opera and goddesses which FINALLY resolves the Bounty & Luc story from Hobgoblin Boots, will be available for readers. I’m so excited to be able to share this very unusual fantasy story with my readers.

It’s diva vs diva in a new sword and sorcery serial about goddesses and soap opera!

Luc Triclover is an ex-hero running for his life, pursued by three goddesses demanding he pick which of them is the fairest of them all. Glamorous bounty hunter Bounty Fenetre wants to save her old friend from a fate worse than fate, but she still doesn’t have a plan, and he refuses to be rescued. Their stories converge in a muddy field, where a troupe of bards perform a daily soap opera for an audience of witches who watch their artificial world through crystal balls… a world where everything is larger than life, especially the hair and the heels.

This is Soapy Ballads, and the drama’s about to get real.