Doctor Who and the Golden Fiftieth: A Master List of Essays [WHO-50]

WHO-50Happy Doctor Who Weekend!

To celebrate, and to distract myself as we wait another WHOLE DAY for the actual anniversary shenanigans to begin properly with real TV shows and everything, I’m putting up a masterlist of the 53 (yes, really) blog posts I made weekly over the last 12 months to mark each year since Doctor Who began in 1963. With extras for 1965 and 1996 because reasons. These essays were made with love, and while the weekly commitment was tough at times I am really glad I did it – it was an opportunity to think about and look at the show across its entire history and to get a lot of my stray thoughts down as well as celebrating so many of my favourite bits along the way.

This year has also marked some changes in our family’s relationship with Doctor Who – 12 months ago I had a 7 year old and a 3 year old who both categorically refused to watch black and white Doctor Who, and now I have an 8 year old who will happily put on The Mind Robber to show her friends (while still preferring Tennant and Pertwee), and a 4 year old who claims Patrick Troughton as her favourite Doctor and once made up a song about Peter Capaldi. Also they both like Zygons! My work here is done.

Oh and also since I started all this, I joined a certain ridiculously popular podcast, Verity! (I can’t believe how many people download our episodes!) which has allowed me to blather on about Doctor Who with some amazing women on a near-weekly basis. So that’s pretty awesome.

[Meanwhile, check out my mate Scottish Liz who managed to do about three years worth of anniversary blogging in a single post, responding to the flagrantly wrong i09 ‘ranking’ of 200+ Doctor Who stories from best to worst with commentary. I admire the audacity of Charlie Jane from going *there* in a fandom bound to explode all over her, but I like Liz’s list better because it has way more 60’s Who in its top 25 and has lines like “The story’s a delight and a fine condemnation of consumerism laced with jokes and a robot parrot.”]

WHO-50: The Master List

The Mystery of the Unearthly Teenager [1963]
Barbara Wright at the Brink [1964]
Daleks V. Daughters: Chasing the Next Generation [1965
Missing: Presumed Trojan [1965]
Down with this Ship: Loving Ben and Polly [1966]
The Polly Wright Appreciation Society [1967]
Scream, Victoria, Scream! [1968]
Jem and the Space Pirates [1969]
Scary Astronauts are Go! [1970]
What Katy Said [1971]
The Third Doctor’s Day [1972]
Delgado, Diplomacy & Draconians [1973]
In Defence of Dinosaurs [1974]
Teeth and Curls [1975]
Eldrad Must Live! [1976]
Why Leela is for the Women Too [1977]
Time Lady in the TARDIS [1978]
Romana’s Regeneration Fashion Parade [1979]
Shada Lost and Found [1980]
Tegan’s First Flight [1981]
Playing Dress Ups in Black Orchid [1982]
The Big Two-Oh [1983]
The Trials of Turlough [1984]
Enter the Rani [1985]
Scandals and Trials [1986]
Here’s To the Future, Love is the Answer [1987]
Going Back to Totter’s Lane[1988]
The Only Mystery Worth Solving [1989]
DWM Keeps the Faith in the Wilderness Year [1990]
Genesis of the Timewyrm [1991]
Love, War and Bernice Summerfield [1992]
Dimensions in Time [1993]
Thirtysomething Years in the TARDIS [1994]
Chris, Roz and Original Sin [1995]
These Shoes Fit Me Perfectly [1996]
Happy Endings All Around [1996]
The Eight Doctors (or: Uncle Terrance Cleans House) [1997]
Benny at Big Finish [1998]
The Curse of Fatal Death [1999]
All About Evelyn [2000]
Paul McGann is the Doctor… Again [2001]
Perspectives of Art & War: History 101 [2002]
The Four Villains [2003]
Checking in with DWM 339 [2004]
Dating the Doctor [2005]
Fear Them [2006]
13 Marvellous Martha Moments
That Have Nothing To Do With Unrequited Love
Spartacus and Spartacus Forever [2008]
A (Great) Year in the Life of Big Finish [2009]
Policing Amy Pond [2010]
If You Go Down In The Woods Today [2011]
The Power of Threes [2012]
Solving Clara [2013]

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