E-Trifles for E-Everyone!

TrifleDead-CoverA Trifle Dead by Livia Day (that other author who lives inside my head) is now available across various platforms as an e-book. Hooray!

You can pick up a copy at the Twelfth Planet Press website, at Wizard’s Tower Books, Weightless Books, Kobo and Amazon.

If you regularly use any of these platforms, please consider rating or reviewing the book to help get the word out there!


“I lived in Hobart for 8 years, so the setting was both familiar and humourously drawn. In fact I found the whole book an hysterically funny mix of food, pop culture, glitter and of course, dead bodies. I am now waiting on tenter hooks for the next of Tabitha Darling’s adventures in cookery and crime.” (Elanor)

“Lots of fun – easy to read, an engaging heroine and well-realised plot.” (Liz)

“I loved the use of Hobart as a character in the book (and I could only think of it as a character). Day does an excellent job conveying the sense of the city, and for those of us on mainland Australia used to thinking of Tasmania as some kind of backwater, it was a real eye opener.” (Mark)

“A not-overly gruesome murder mystery with Hobart beautifully rendered by someone who clearly loves it.” (Catherine)

“A very fun and enjoyable armchair mystery set in Hobart.” (Maureen)

“Day has made Hobart seem waaaay more interesting than most mainlanders would assume. I think my favourite bit is the Botanical Gardens description – and if she made up those bits, I’m going to be very cross.” (Alexandra)

“It’s a good plot. I found the book a really entertaining read which met the requirements of a crime novel lover like me and gave me a welcome break from Dickens, James and Woolfe!” (Alexandra’s Mum)

“Haha, I’m not letting myself read it until after I’ve finished my boring filing. DON’T WANT FILING. WANT TRIFLE.” (Thoraiya)

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  1. Susan Loyal says:

    Based on the volume of my squees, I conclude that I have always wanted a novel containing a character named “Xanthippe”. Thank you for it. I enjoyed it very much.

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