Elsewhere on the Internet: Twas the Night Before Craftonomicon

It’s hard to imagine that there’s anything on the internet except the Aussie Spec Fic Snapshot right now – I’m so proud of the team for being prepared for once (more than a month’s solid work has gone into this year’s effort) and for providing space for so many different voices (all screaming out at once… no wait, that was a different movie). Hooray to Tehani & Kathryn for the organising, and all of our new interviewers. A special big HOORAY for the kind and thoughtful Ben Payne who twigged early on what element was missing from the Snapshot, and provided several-times-daily summaries of the 2012 Snapshot AS – IT – HAPPENED.

My own snapshot appears here on Random Alex’s blog. And incidentally a blast from the past turned up in my RSS feed, which threw up this old post of Alex’s talking about OMG OUR FIRST PODCAST. I haven’t dared follow the link to find the artefact itself. Dare you?

Nicholas Whyte reviews the Fancast ballot for this year’s Hugo and um. Liked Galactic Suburbia best. May jelly babies rain from the skies upon you, sir!

And I appear again with an essay in Apex Magazine: Girl Meets House. My piece is on my developing enthusiasm for the female Gothic, thanks to Joanna Russ, Sarah Rees Brennan, and a certain indie New Zealand domestic horror film. The piece is available to read free but of course if you want to support small presses and/or read the issue on your e-reader of choice, you can purchase an e-book version very cheaply from the site.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hmm how annoying that that old link got thrown in. However, I did read the post, and my favouritest line is the last: “if GJ gets Skype too, the world had better start trembling!”


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