Elsewhere on the Internet: Worldbuilding, Short Stories and the Women of Doctor Who

Two posts at Doctor Her this last week. I reviewed the only Big Finish play which portrayed the Doctor as a woman: Exile, starring Arabella Weir, in “That Other Time The Doctor Was a Lady.” I also looked back at all the times (well okay, not THAT many) when the Doctor was accompanied by more than one female companion, in “Two Women in the TARDIS.”

Meanwhile, I guest-posted at David McDonald’s blog, with Eyries, Theatres & Worldbuilding as Plot. (omg on linking to it I went to look at it for the first time and just read David’s glowing introduction. Thank you so much! I am heartily embarrassed, which is exactly what you want from an introduction)

I also started reading for Last Short Story 2012 and made some story recommendations from the first 3 months of Clarkesworld, Apex and Strange Horizons.

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