Fabulous February

The school holidays are almost over. And it’s not that I don’t love having my kids around (8 and 13 is so much easier to manage than… well, any smaller numbers have been) but I am looking forward to getting my workspace back.

Juggling so many projects right now! The big upcoming one is my Creature Court Kickstarter, bringing my trilogy back into print. More on that soon!

If you still don’t have a copy of Glass Slipper Scandal, you can grab it from this Fabulous February Fantasy Giveaway over at Instafreebie, along with a bunch of other fantasy books available for free.

One of my big tasks for January was republishing the Mocklore books, now that Fablecroft (sniff) is officially closed. The ebooks have made it up, mostly as far as Amazon, but I still have a few steps to go through before new print versions (20th anniversary editions, gasp!) are available.

If any of you had a chance to put reviews up for these, I would be highly grateful, as the Mocklore books all have great Goodreads review coverage but their Amazon pages look a little bare:

The Mocklore Omnibus (Splashdance Silver & Liquid Gold)
Ink Black Magic

I have some upcoming other Mocklore stuff planned for this year because anniversary. Stay tuned for that too.

I also have a brand new edition of Pratchett’s Women, with text updated to reflect the passing of Terry Pratchett, and a cute new cover. Again, only at Amazon for now but I will be branching out to other ebook places too. At the moment the paperback is only available through the Amazon US store but while that’s a super easy service to use, I’m going to have to publish an Australian version I think, because the postage is a killer for such a slender book and having an Australian Amazon store apparently doesn’t extend to their book printing arm. Sigh.

What else? Sheep Might Fly continues with the serialisation of Let Sleeping Princes Lie, the third of my Castle Charming novellas. (So I’m finally going to get to release it in ebook form!!) When that’s done the podcast will go a few shades of superhero, with audio adaptations of Cookie Cutter Superhero and Kid Dark Against the Machine. The next original serial will probably be another Fake Geek Girl story because I am determined to do at least ONE story in that magical university series where the characters actually attend classes instead of hanging out at the pub, fighting ice trolls and banging each other, even if it is completely authentic to the Australian university lifestyle.

Galactic Suburbia is back! We’ll be recording a new episode tomorrow. I have missed my peeps.

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