Fear Them [WHO-50—2006]

2006 blueIt is a rainy Hobart afternoon and four children (my eldest daughter, my godson & his two brothers) have just finished watching Fear Her. After a bit of squabbling about who was the villain of the story (Chloe Webber? The Isolus? No, no villain at all, the alien was just lonely!) they settle down to answer a few questions about what they have just watched.

So did you guys like Fear Her?

Mr8 – yeah!
Ms8.5 – yeah
Mr10 – slightly yeah
Mr5 – I liked Chloe! Half the reason is there is a Chloe in my class.

What did you like about the story? What was your favourite part?

Mr5 – the Chloe bit with Chloe
Mr8 – a funny bit was where the Doctor was rubbing out the squiggle monster

Do you think that could really happen?

Mr8 – if it was made out of graphite, yeah. But probably couldn’t.
Mr10 – I didn’t like the bit with the scribble monster.

fear them cybermenSo what did you like?

Mr10 – Nothing really
Ms8.5 – I liked when we got to listen to the story of what happened to the Isolus
Mr5 – I liked the jellyfish thing
Ms8.5 – it wasn’t a jellyfish it was an alien
Mr5 – yes the alien looked like a jellyfish

What do you think about the drawings coming to life?

Ms8.5 – I think it’s interesting because it’s the first time it’s happened. It’s a good story

What would you draw if your drawings could come to life?

Ms8.5 – What I would do is make an imaginary pet and then I could keep it
Mr8 – I would draw a Cyber army under my command
Mr10 – I would draw an army of Daleks and attack [Mr8]’s army. Then I would draw a fleet of Dalek saucers to conquer the universe.

What do you guys think about the David Tennant Doctor?

Mr10 – I like him
Ms8.5 – I like him because he had really good companions. I like this story because the companion saved the day.
Mr8 – thumbs up brilliant
Mr5 – [thumbs] down down down

Why don’t you like him?

Mr5 – I just don’t… Because he had Cybermen episodes and I hate Cybermen

fear them dalekWhat do you all think of Rose and what she’s like as a companion?

Mr10 – Good
Mr8 – Very Brilliant
Mr5 – Kind of Good
Ms8.5 – I really like Rose because she’s normally in lots of double parters and stories that join together like Bad Wolf. Some of my favourite Rose ones are Army of Ghosts and Doomsday.
Mr5 – Canary Wharf because she was disguised as a Doctor
Mr8 – I like Rose because she has two very brilliant Cybermen stories which were both two parters!

So this was a good season for Cybermen?

Mr8 – In our box set of that season there are lots of pictures of that season and luckily they were mostly from Rise of the Cybermen and the Age of Steel – lots and lots of pictures of Cybermen! (Collapses in delighted heap of Cyber goodness)
Mr10 – Stop drooling!

Which story do you like best of Rose and Ten?

Mr10 – Doomsday because the Daleks release an army and the Cybermen get a good thumping!

(Interview descends into anarchy and general extermination – interviewer gives up & flees to another room)

(The children then respond creatively by drawing piles of pictures illustrating themselves in the Doctor Who universe. Because they are awesome.)

fear them


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