Festival of Tansy!

The final posts of my Slapdash Blog Tour of Doom have gone up. Here’s the complete list – and thanks to all the people who volunteered space on their blog for me to chatter away. I was particularly grateful for the various topics I was given to write on – I certainly couldn’t have blogged that much without being so inspired by the topics.

The Shattered City Slapdash Blog Tour of Doom.

Craft, Magic & Women’s Work (Voyager Online)
The Long and Short of It (Intrepid Reader)
Friday Hoyden: Jean Marsh (Hoyden About Town)
There And Back Again, by A Fantasy Author (The Journeyman Writer)
My favourite Creature Court outfits (Egoboo)
Australian Women Writing SF (The Best Audience)
On Getting an Australia Council Grant (K A Bedford)
Why the Creature Court & what Sources Did I Use? (Castle Books)
The Mega Tansypost of Doom (Helen Merrick)
Fandom: The Next Generation (Jo1967)
On Middle Books and Broken Cities (Kate Gordon)
Of Swords and Breakfast (Fablecroft)
Aufleur and Rome (Random Alex)
The Story of Book 2 (Trent Jamieson)
Backstory and the Ties That Bind (Larvatus Prodeo)
My Urban Fantasy is a Little Further Away (Nicole R Murphy)
The Fabric of the Universe (Lauredhel)
Living With a Writer (Bridal Cupcake)
Every Book is a Special Snowflake (Champagne and Socks)
Contemplating Other (People’s) Worlds (Adventures of a Bookonaut)
When is a Vampire Not a Vampire? (AsIF)

I’ve also had some great reviews go up recently of my books, of which two of my favourites are by Jason Nahrung and Stephanie Gunn.

And I’ve been reviewing again over at Last Short Story, with posts on Aussie YA anthology The Wilful Eye and stories from various anthologies & Nightsiders by Sue Isle.

So basically it’s all about me!

3 replies on “Festival of Tansy!”

  1. Liz says:

    Wow! You have been prolific! 🙂

  2. tansyrr says:

    Heh I know, it’s amazing I get anything else done, right?

  3. I think now might be a time to “wish” for a gig writing Doctor Who if the Pirates episode reviews are anything to go by.

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