Friday Links Are Eligible for Awards

labyrinthJohn Scalzi has made a thread available for writers, artists, fans and professionals to declare their various Hugo-eligible work of the year. It’s a great resource for those who want to be reminded of the good stuff they read last year, or (like me) want to read a bit more widely before the nominations close.

Amal El Mohtar has written a great piece “Of Awards, Eligibility Lists and Unbearable Smugness” about why it’s important to declare your eligible works without embarrassment, and how trying to shame people out of doing so makes you part of the (lack of diversity) problem, not the solution.

It’s that time of year – Labyrinth Nostalgia! Because yes, it remains one of the best fantasy movies for girls. Some great analysis here.

The funny and charming team from The Wife in Space now brings you The Wife and Blake, in which Sue finally discovers the true story behind the names of the family’s cats over the years. Great stuff and makes me want to marathon the show again.

Jim C Hines asks ‘are racism, sexism etc. still a problem these days?‘ Only, he’s not actually asking that, he’s pointing out why so many people think it’s a reasonable question to ask (and why they’re wrong).

Kate Elliott looks at what you can tell about the white male default narrative (and nothing else) from movie trailers.

Kelly Sue Deconnick is adapting Barbarella.

Tehani talks about Focus 2012, an ebook of all the short SFF fiction by Australian authors which won awards last year. An easy way to catch up on the awesome!

At Fantasy Faction, publishers are asked to showcase 5 upcoming titles each which includes shout outs for Aussie authors Ben Peek, Marianne De Pierres and Rjurik Davidson.

i09 gives us a preview of 65 SFF movies to look forward to this year. Yes, 65.

The Mary Sue is excited about upcoming comic The Lumberjanes and now I am excited too. Capable girls of all shapes and sizes for the win!

Sleeps With Monsters previews some books to look forward to in 2014.

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