Friday Links Are Like A Phoenix – They Keep Coming Back

It’s not small, it’s boutique, right? For some reason the internet is not inspiring me as much as usual – it’s either residual guilt about not writing as much as I feel I should, or it’s the winter blahs, or it’s the depressing revelation that Arsenal is losing yet another captain this summer. Oh, Robin, we thought you were different.

Still, there are a few bright spots in the pixellated aether. For a start, congrats to Robert Hoge who has recently sold his memoir, “Ugly” to Hachette, which will be published next year. (no links yet, Twitter announcement only)

Grant Watson has started an examination of how DC’s fortunes have improved since last year’s New 52 Reboot with his favourite title: Batman.

Speaking of comics, Marvel has announced it’s own New Thing What Is Not a Reboot But Will Help People Find New Comics, AKA Marvel Now, rolling out from Novemberish this year – and the thing that has everyone talking about it is the rumoured return of Jean Grey, She Who Gets Killed Off More Times Than Anyone Else. The cool thing is that the Jean Grey in question is a very early version of the character, in a title based around the concept that the original X-Men accidentally travel forward in time to Marvel Now and have to deal with modern day culture, the Twitter, low-slung jeans and the realisation that they’re all going to screw up their lives someday. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the exact wording of the press release, but it still sounds like a great jumping-on X-Men title, something I’ve always struggled to find. outlines the many reasons why it’s time for Jean Grey to return.

Cherie Priest talks about Sarah Robles, the US weightlifting champion who lives in poverty because she doesn’t have the kind of glamour girl looks necessary for female athletes to attract sponsorship deals. Robles blogs as Pretty Strong, about weightlifting as well as physical strength and body image issues for girls and women and recently ran a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to support her in the final month leading up to the Olympics.

Blue Milk talks about a female Icelandic presidential candidate who is not only the mother of three, but has a newborn baby, and that having women in leadership roles means seeing new roles for male partners.

Icelandic women have always worked no matter how many children they have and that won’t change. It doesn’t matter what the job is or if they’re called ‘president’.”

Belinda Jack talks about the history of women and literacy, and how it’s not a new trend for people to clutch their pearls about what women (and young women in particular) might be reading.

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