Friday Links are Not the Problem Either

The gorgeous pic I’m featuring this week is Idris, the Doctor’s wife, from Springfield Punx.

Sean the Blogonaut has joined the Galactic Chat team with a great podcast interview with urban fantasy veteran author Kelley Armstrong.

Saundra Mitchell has a great response to the continuing meme about there being a YA-for-boys crisis: The Problem is Not the Books.

Yarn Harlot beautifully captures the feeling of having a new book out. (via @jumbledwords)

Sapphire, author of Push (which became the film Precious) discusses the racism she has encountered in the arts/publishing world and the expectations people often have about black authors.

I got such a kick about this story of hundreds of lovers across Italy mimicking a romantic novel by putting padlocks on bridges, and how the authorities see it as a major vandalism issue.

A lovely art post which takes the iconic images of Disney Princesses, but makes their costumes more historically accurate. (Via @angriest)

After months of depression and misery surrounding Arsenal, we qualified for the Champions League! Hell yes!

Smart Bitches made me aware of this film about the Victorian medical treatments for hysteria, which looks like the best kind of British historical comedy gold, and features my beloved Sheridan Smith, among many others:

4 replies on “Friday Links are Not the Problem Either”

  1. Lol, I loved that trailer. Wife said “Typical bloody men” in reference to the power of men over female “medical issues”

  2. tansyrr says:

    I think it’s the best movie trailer I’ve seen all year! Makes me want to see the film without actually revealing everything in the story. Plus, funny and Victorian costumes and lots of women.

  3. jaqbuncad says:

    That trailer is absolute gold, and the link to the non-existent problem of YA fiction for boys is spot-on. I am so glad to have come to visit (pun not entirely intended) from bluemilk’s! Thank you for sharing.

  4. tansyrr says:

    Hey Jaqbuncad!

    Glad you like the links. I do a Friday post each week and it tends heavily towards fun & feminist topics. It’s cool to see some of Bluemilk’s readers coming over to say hi.

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