Friday Links are Slightly Feverish

I have crawled from my sick bed to bring you these links. Well, it’s not a bed, it’s a chair. And frankly not that comfortable. But I am still posting Friday links because I’m not good for much else today. *eyes novel-in-progress sadly*

For a start, I forgot to tell you all that the Doctor Who in Conversation blog series with me, David & Tehani has gone audio – we have done our first podcast, looking at Spearhead from Space (1970) after both David and Tehani watched it for the first time.

I’m kind of loving the Comic-Con coverage this week, and how those of us stuck home get to experience some of the panels, vids and other program items. Such as the Futurama panel, the Community gag reel, the Firefly reunion and so on. Also, adorable child cosplay and Doctor Who revelations!

The Mary Sue updates us on Sarah Robles, US weightlifting Olympian, and which company brought some serious sponsorship to her party.

Genevieve Valentine talks about incidents of harassment and sexism she experienced at Readercon – handled very well by the con committee, but she felt it was important to speak out. If we don’t talk about this stuff, funnily enough, people don’t know that it happens, or assume it is confined to occasional incidents.

N.K. Jemisin on why fandom needs to grow the fuck up.

Nicola Griffith on the new lesbian super PAC to provide financial support for pro-lesbian political candidates, supported by iconic celebrities Billie Jean King and Jane Lynch.

I09 reveals some of the worst ways that DC could possibly make a Justice League movie. People, it’s not that hard! Everyone’s sick of origin stories. Just start with Justice League already assembled, and hurl Starro the Conqueror at them. Starro is the perfect villain for a team movie – humour and angst, all there. With giant starfishes stuck to people’s faces.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) has been well and truly launched, which means that Marvel finally have a female-led solo comics title again – have you read your copy yet?

Liz Pfieffer on mother-daughter relationships in comics.

This is how you paint a 150 foot Batman. The idea of these artists painting over their own murals every 6 weeks makes me cry. But omg what an amazing achievement.

This is worthy of a post all on its own, but OMG I didn’t think that Amy Poehler could be any more awesome after seeing Parks and Recreation and her impersonation of Hillary Clinton, but now I find out she has her own YouTube channel/show called Smart Girls At the Party which is about interviewing awesome little girls about what’s important to them, and what cool things they can do, providing role models for other awesome little girls.

SMART GIRLS HAVE MORE FUN. My daughter is totally going to watch all these with me. Starting with episode 1, in which a 7 year old talks about why feminism is important.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Really enjoyed the Doctor Who in Conversation podcast. I haven’t watched that one for a few years now and listening to you guys talk about it made be go dig it up and rewatch it.

    Hopefully you’ll do plenty more.

  2. tansyrr says:

    Thanks, Lindsay!

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