Friday Links Can’t Do It Alone

I empathised deeply with this post about the solitary existence of writers and the way we need our people around us to keep us sane, and professional.

As part of the ongoing excellent advocacy work coming out of the #AWW challenge, here’s a list of Australian women writers of Asian heritage to help you include some diversity in your choices.

The Australian government is running an online survey about our opinions on gay marriage. So far the interim response is pretty depressing (running at only a bit over 30% saying YES GAY MARRIAGE) but it’s not based on very many people’s opinions. So if you’re Australian, go, take five minutes and register your own thoughts on the issue.

Alisa Krasnostein, Cheryl Morgan, Lynne M Thomas and many other smart people share their opinions on awards in the latest SF Mind Meld.

One of my favourite posts this week – Redskirts looks at some of the portrayals of women among the traditional ‘redshirt’ junior-Starfleet-person-of-the-week tradition in the original Star Trek.

The new Doctor Who companion has been announced and we still know very little about her – Ritch Ludlow asks some questions about fan response to Amy Pond and considers what kind of standards might be applied to this new character.

Oooh, another great one from! Comic artist Faith Erin Hicks whose work I really enjoyed on ‘Friends With Boys’ has drawn a personal response to The Hunger Games as a popular story, drawing upon her family experience (as the daughter of a Vietnam veteran). I love to see the comics form used to tell powerful memoir and this brief piece is very compelling.

Peter Ball flagged this interesting article about how Iceland as a country has been using social media to aid in economic recovery. I particularly love their Tumblr “Iceland wants to be your friend.”

Another brilliant & funny parody-read-along post by Sarah Rees Brennan on gothic novels, this time Greygallows by Barbara Michaels.

One that got accidentally left off last week’s link post: Seanan McGuire on Fanfic

Ben Peek muses on worldbuilding, and a critical approach to fantasy traditions, especially when it comes to race.

Also on my iPod I have really enjoyed a couple of great podcasts lately: Shaun Tan guests on (the horribly named) Shooting the Poo, and is fascinating to listen to, especially talking frankly about the experience of being an animator at the Oscars last year. The latest Writer and the Critic also has a guest, and if you’ve never had the opportunity to see Mondy and Rob Shearman giving each other hell as the mates they are then this is the podcast for you.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the importance of women’s history and why history is actually supremely important and relevant to people’s lives, inspired by this kickass women’s suffrage vid first brought to my attention by Sean the Blogonaut, but I’m obviously not going to get it done, so have the vid. It is most excellent.