Friday Links Dances Her Cares Away (Down at Fraggle Rock)

Genevieve Valentine talks about the fallout that has occurred after she reported her harassment at Readercon – the positive and negative outcomes. Very important reading!

Justine Larbalestier talks about the problematic meme (in real life and fiction) of girls who hate all other girls, and women who hate women. The comments are really interesting because of how many women feel the need to defend their dislike of their own gender, and add a depth to the whole discussion because, of course, it’s more complicated than it seems on the surface.

Cheryl Morgan responds to the new Outer Alliance podcast (which I haven’t got to yet but I am keen to listen to) about changing the conversation when it comes to making conventions more diverse and welcoming.

A new review series at – Mari Ness is looking at the Edward Eager Magic books, which I adore and am looking forward to sharing with my daughter. Starting with Half Magic, a children’s classic.

Stephen McGann, one of the actors in Call the Midwife, wrote an interesting article about some of the behind the scenes work on the show, especially the midwifery advisor and the ethical issues inherent in portraying the history of childbirth.

An exciting new Big Finish project has been announced – a full cast rendition of Treasure Island with Tom Baker as Long John Silver! This three disc production is available for pre-order now at $13.99 (digital download) and $23.17 (CD, all pre-orders signed by Tom Baker) – those are Australian prices which is what the page shows me, but you can go directly to the site yourself to check out the prices in your own currency. They had me at “Tom Baker as Long John Silver” – what other great literary adaptions would you match his voice to? I can think of a few!

Bluemilk talks about feminist writer Jessica Valenti, and how the fact that she is asked about “losing her baby weight” when promoting her new book about having kids is part of the problem with the narrative of motherhood in the media.

A good news story to come out of the blogoverse – after Native Appropriations (along with many other critics) wrote an open later of complaint to the “Powwow Party” put on by fashion label Paul Frank Industries, the company responded positively, not only apologising for the unfortunate cultural images and appropriation they had participated in, but making real efforts to change their attitude going forward. looks at Simon Baz, the new Muslim Green Lantern – a step forward in diverse representation among superheroes, or just another problematic portrayal of Muslims in the media? Or maybe it can be both?

Sean the Blogonaut interviews Tor Roxburgh, a new Australian fantasy author, for Galactic Chat.

Real female soldiers to wear armour inspired by Xena: Warrior Princess – that is to say, practical and revolutionary in that it fits their actual bodies.

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  1. Grant says:

    Having read and enjoyed Green Lantern #0, I think Simon Baz is definitely both a great step forward and a deeply problematic cliche.

  2. The link to Cheryl’s blog appears to be snarfed and thanks for the linkage 🙂

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