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Xena_Eternal_Bonds20 years on (wow), the Mary Sue looks at some of the ways that Xena: Warrior Princess changed television. Also, a message from Lucy Lawless. Xena is the definitive best. Thank goodness for my DVD collection! She will never leave me.

A new Uncanny Magazine is out, and the article everyone’s talking about this week is Masculinity Is an Anxiety Disorder: Breaking Down the Nerd Box by David J Schwartz. There isn’t nearly enough intelligent discussion about toxic masculinity and its cultural influence, so this piece is definitely worth a look.

I’ve subscribed to Tremontaine, an upcoming fiction serial based in Ellen Kushner’s beautiful swashbuckling, queer-friendly Riverside, incorporating art by Kathleen Jennings and writing by Malinda Lo, Alaya Dawn Johnson and others. Come and join me, this is going to be fun! Here’s Kathleen talking about her artistic process.

My most popular post on Tumblr this week – Bobbi Morse stealing bullets out of Lance Hunter’s TARDIS teapot. I totally have that teapot.

Check out this week’s SF Mind Meld about what SF/Fantasy drew us into the genre. I’m in it, and Tehani, and Gail Carriger. Come read!

Kameron Hurley on Absolute Zero as the Temperature at Which Writers Give Up.

Felicia Day is wonderful.

Fiction Machine reviews Legally Blonde.

Also, this Hark! A Vagrant comic may now be my definitive version of Alice in Wonderland.

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