Friday Links Has a Foot in Each World tells you why you should be watching Fringe in a very non-spoilery-for-the-last-three-seasons way. Alisa and I discussed Olivia and her FBI competence in the recent Galactic Suburbia episode.

Sarah Rees Brennan follows up the #YesGayYA story with a discussion of the Circle of Suck that can happen with the portrayal of minority or diversity issues in fiction, and the various roadblocks to publication.

Paula Guran wrote a moving post about leaving Weird Tales, and posted a link to a fabulous article she wrote about Margaret Brundage, and how sexy artwork of women isn’t necessarily an unfeminist thing. I love Brundage’s pastel women, and really enjoyed the article.

I already posted most of my Starfire links yesterday, but this one also caught my eye: apparently the problematic portrayal of this superhero was flagged in the office, mostly by women who work at DC (see, there are some!) and a minor change was made as a sop to their complaints. (interesting that it was put to the writer that Kory’s past as a slave might explain her sexual behaviour now, and he made the – in my opinion, absolutely correct – decision that it would actually make her seem more of a victim)
Sadly it seems that the complaints were more about Kory being “a slut” than the fact that her new portrayal shows her to be utterly brainless and incapable of remembering her friends or experiencing any emotional variation at all. I have to say the thing that has distressed me more than the comic itself (which is highly problematic) is the way that so few people seem to be able to discuss the issue without using loaded terms such as ‘slut’ and ‘whore.’ The problem is not Kory’s sexuality, the problem is that she has no character function beyond that.

Trent Jamieson has posted about the Big and the Little, and how combining epic and mundane issues makes for great fiction.

Hark, a Vagrant is tackling one of my favourite classic novels of all times, Wuthering Heights! That is, Blithering Heights. (or as Sarah Rees Brennan retitled it on Twitter, Heathcliff Drowns Puppies.

Love this post about how Doctor Who fandom has embraced the Community parody “Inspector Spacetime” in a massive way. Oh, Doctor Who fandom. Don’t ever change.