Friday Links has Great Role Models

Twelfth Planet Press is now 5 years old, and wow how far she’s come!

Alisa muses on the last five years here, and also talks about how she can find positive female role models in trashy reality TV shows.

Speaking of role models, I wrote a Friday Hoyden post for Hoyden About Town, about: who else? Joanna Russ!

Kirstyn McDermott talks about the false equivalence of male and female representation on book covers, as beautifully illustrated by Jim C Hines.

Ben Peek heralds the new Ditmar ballot as ammunition in his ongoing secret rivalry against Bill Wright. Best Ditmar response so far!

Thoraiya Dyer, who has been holding out against social media for a long time, has decided to run a blog calling attention to the women making fan art in the SF community, in the hopes of bringing some diversity to next year’s Hugo ballot. It’s a work in progress, but such an important idea, keep an eye on it!

Cheryl Morgan talks about Tor going DRM-free with its ebooks.

Lynne Murray on Body Impolitic talks about the power of words
, and the idea that everyday magic, for good and ill, can be performed on people through insults, jokes and compliments. People are not friends if they are bringing you down with what they say to you!

Grant Watson wants you to write or make art for his fanzine!

M.K. Hobson talks about how to run a spiritually successful Kickstarter.

Next time you hear people talking about how boys don’t want to or aren’t capable of identifying with a female character in an action series, point them at this response to the Legend of Korra series. Turns out boys like female heroes just FINE.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books critiques the media portrayal of the Romantic Times conference and how news reports can be truthful without being accurate. Reminds me a lot of media portrayal of SF cons!

Ancient Rome theme park to be built near modern Rome. I WANT THIS THING TO EXIST!!!

I was delighted that so many people knew that this great Batwoman/Batgirl comic was something I desperately needed to read. Now you do too!

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