Friday Links has its Rollerskates On

Remember roller skates? Remember disco? Too young or too old or just right to care about either of those things? It doesn’t matter because the Rollercade Glow Party wants you anyway! The anthology ‘Glitter and Madness,’ a co-production between the editors of Apex and Electric Velocipede has just gone live as a Kickstarter, and I’m one of the authors committed to producing crazy glittery roller derby gold. No pressure or anything.

The Glitter and Madness website can be found here, and you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at @glitzymadness. More to the point, you can support the project for as little as $10. Help make the glitter madness happen!

But what else has been happening on the internet lately? As we discussed on the latest episode of Verity! it was Delia Derbyshire Day in the UK recently. Was there ever a name more suited to having a day in its honour? I kind of want someone to write the Delia Derbyshire Murder Mysteries now…

The Mary Sue showcases a military design for Wonder Woman based on Scythian armour.

Lisa Hannett writes about Australian horror and gothic fiction.

I can’t resist any Vestal Virgin related news ever, so check out the real recreation of their very complicated hair styles as depicted on statuary. Lovely stuff, though I’m not convinced about the argument that they had to have waist length hair to make the look work, not with the common use of wigs in the ancient world.

Speaking of hair, there’s a new X-team in town and it’s all women! I love this idea, especially with the long history the X-books have of multiple awesome women in a single team. The comments made me despair a bit, though – amazing how many comics fans really GENUINELY think that the reason they are uncomfortable with this book is because they don’t like how Storm’s hair is presented on the cover, or that it’s possibly being sexist against Wolverine.

Also, Jubilee as the main protagonist! As a comics reader who first learned about the X-Men thanks to the 90’s cartoon, this hits all my buttons.

Paul Cornell has announced the cancellation of his alien-invasion-and-politics comic Saucer Country. I’m sorry to hear that as I just caught up on the first trade collection and really enjoyed his fresh modern take on what has become a pretty hackneyed modern mythology – I certainly think anyone interested in trying new things before nominating in the Best Graphic Novel category of the Hugo’s should check it out. [Warning, though, it does contain rape themes – I think it does so responsibly (and hard not to when dealing with the complete mythology of alien abductions) but I understand many people may prefer not to read it for that reason.]

Speaking of Hugo nominations, if you can never think of what to put in the Fan Artist category, check out Katy Shuttleworth’s Tumblr page – you probably have already seen her work across the place, notably on covers for Chicks Dig Time Lords etc. but her general fan art is pretty awesome.

Kasey Edwards talks about the advice given to her by her first agent: to pretend to be a man in order to have a better writing career. Cue much headdesking. The comments are… mixed.

The Australian Women Writers Challenge is continuing with its great recap posts of the trends in reviewing for the project over last year. The Short Story Collection post includes some nice comments about Twelfth Planet Press and a shout out for my own Love and Romanpunk!

Narrelle reviews the Invasion exhibition currently travelling around Australia: TV and film costumes and props and a lot of science fiction goodness. Too much to hope it’s coming to Hobart I suppose?

Another gem from the Mary Sue: 8 female-led historical TV series that would totally work!

If you haven’t been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, they are up to a good bit – Lizzie’s visit to Pemberley! I am loving the cleverness of this series, and the way they have modernised it so that many of the more business-like transactions of the original book are more about women’s work than marriage. Though of course there’s some love stuff in there too…