Friday Links has redefined the concept of ‘holiday’

bczLet’s just say I’m not getting in an awful lot of relaxing with the kids…

I have managed to read a few blogs, though. Which is – progress? Of a sort?

Gwenda Bond follows up on the attack-and-defense-of-awards-eligibility-posts conversation with Battle of the Sexists (AKA Let the Self-Promotion Roll, Ladies).

Helena Bell talks about how being self-deprecating about your own work is actually insulting to your editors. So stop it.

DC Women Kicking Ass (still one of my favourite Tumblr accounts) looks at the best and most interesting developments of the year for the women in the DC Universe – characters and creators.

Paul Dini, creator of some of the best screen versions of so many women in the DC Universe, talks about why he wants female readers for his Zatanna/Black Canary graphic novel.

Sarah Rees Brennan has written a delightful parody of the new Hobbit movie. Don’t read it unless you’ve seen the movie, unless you’re me.

Speaking of don’t read it unless you’ve seen the movie, this piece on Frozen about killing a certain fairytale trope is really awesome, but quite a spoiler for what has to be one of the best kids movies of the last decade.

The reviews are in on the PL Travers/Walt Disney biopic, Saving Mr Banks – a couple of great, nuanced pieces from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and The Angriest.

A fantastic, thought-provoking piece from Kameron Hurley – Women and Gentlemen: Unmasking the Sobering Reality of Hyper-Masculine Characters.

An interesting new series of blog posts starting at Tor – Post Binary Gender in SF.

Via Paul Cornell, a new Press Gang blog reviewing the whole series in honour of its 25 year anniversary. (pause to hyperventilate) Only one episode up so far but it’s a great piece which totally makes me want to watch all over again.

Oh, Lynda Day. You were my hero.

3 replies on “Friday Links has redefined the concept of ‘holiday’”

  1. Grant says:

    There’s a fantastic interview with one of Saving Mr Banks’ writers, Kelly Marcel, on Jeff Goldsmith’s Q & A Podcast. She goes into some depth about what parts of the film are based on fact, which bits are made up, and which bits people assume are made up but are actually true.

  2. Ju says:

    Was there a link to go with the mention of the Press Gang review blog? I’d really like to read it!!

  3. tansyrr says:

    Oops. Fixed now.

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