Friday Links in Black and White

Any chance of catching up with all my blog reading this week was heartily delayed by my discovery of awesome Doctor Who rewatch blog The Wife in Space in which a diehard Doctor Who fan talks his wife into experiencing his favourite show in chronological order. Their conversations are funny and incisive, and I adore Sue’s take-no-prisoners attitude. She is tough but fair (scoring stories across the full range of 1-10), and watching her get sucked into a world of Billyfluffs, Base Under Siege and of course the dread reconstructions of lost episodes is horribly fascinating.

Sue (explaining the experiment to her flabbergasted brother-in-law): That was a walk in the park compared to something like The Toymaker or The Zarbi Planet. Some of the episodes don’t even exist and we still watch them!

I do especially like the fresh perspective of someone who doesn’t care about conventional fan wisdom, and takes every episode as they find it.

Also, I got deeply sucked in to Friends With Boys, a webcomic by Faith Erin Hicks about a teenage girl with three older brothers who starts high school after a whole childhood of being homeschooled. It’s sweet and funny with some gorgeous art. And a ghost!

Some other links:

Rowena Cory Daniells interviews Tara Moss

Why dead girls on YA book covers is an understandable but disturbing trend
And Kristin Nelson’s response to the issue.

The Men of Firefly in Art Nouveau.

On Marvel’s problem with female characters

Not sure if I agree with the premise of this one (I’m still of the go awayyyyyyy lalala school of thought on a Doctor Who movie) but i09’s take on the topic is the most even handed and sensible I’ve seen so far.

Apart from this video which is in fact the MOST compelling argument for it.