Friday Links is a Fake Writer Girl

grimpinkI appreciated very much being namechecked in Jim C Hines’ sarky “Fake Writer Girls” post.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Morgan takes umbrage at the idea that grimdark is just for boys, and comes up with a sub-genre solution for all the women writing dark, gritty fantasy: the Rise and Fall of Grimpink!

Liz Bourke tells it like it is by comparing the roles of women in dystopian movie Dredd with those of the “utopian” modern Star Trek movies. Yep. Well, that’s depressing. Bring on the dystopias!

Belinda Murrell talks eloquently about using family history in her new novel – stirring stuff! declares Colin Baker to be lovely.

If you’ve seen Doctor Who: The Web of Fear now and you were awed and amazed at the London Underground set (or like me wondered if it truly WAS a set), check out this excerpt from Michael Troughton’s autobiography about how it happened.

Hollywood’s not interested in stories about women.

Kaleidoscope, the diversity-in-YA anthology coming from Twelfth Planet Press, is still crowdfunding. They’re so close to halfway! Please support this book if you think it’s something you’d like to read.

2 replies on “Friday Links is a Fake Writer Girl”

  1. Susan Loyal says:

    Thank you for “Friday links”. It’s good to have you back and posting. Here’s a link for you. You might enjoy the song for Wonder Woman and the response to the “fake geek girl” I-lack-an-appropriate-noun. I happen to love “Dimetrodon” and Cats and Netflix. (Full disclosure: these are the daughters of childhood friends, but I discovered them on the internet with a little push from their Mom’s facebook page and iO9.) I hope they make you as happy as they made me. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. tansyrr says:

    Thank you, Susan! I love what I’ve heard of the Doubleclicks and very keen to hear more of their work. Feeling much better now, thanks.

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