Friday Links is a Little Stir Crazy

As ever, the Hobart Show Weekend has settled on one of our two favourite weather extremes: it’s been chucking it down, and one day into a four day weekend, the children are climbing the walls. Pity me!

A cute reminder from Shakesville of what the original remit of Sesame Street was, and what it continues to do now for generations of children.

Hoyden About Town looks at the media response to the Gillard ‘sexism’ speech, and provides a little context. Funnily enough, not the kind of context we’ve been provided by the mainstream media. Annabel Crabbe, meanwhile, talks about the problematic idea that we are supposed to accept Abbott is either misogynist or stupid, and also that politicians are only just starting to realise that sexism is now considered a negative thing. It’s kind of embarrassing how long our society took to get to this point, you know.

My Cheesecake Fantasy Art post has attracted an awful lot of readers. Thanks for stopping by! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the discussion in the comments, a couple of great links were passed on: Skepchick on why Pin Up Calendars are always a bad idea, no matter how ironic; and NK Jemisin talks about her rationale behind joining the project, and shares the decidedly un-pin-uppy art based on her own character.

Big Finish has made one of their old freebie giveaway stories available again through Sound Cloud – Cuddlesome is one of my favourites, a silly but creepy tale about an 80’s toy sensation turning evil and trying to kill everyone. Yep, imagine if Teddy Ruxpin teamed up with the Care Bears to climb out of your cupboard and attics and get their revenge…

Bitch Magazine look at the new “Latina” “Disney Princess” and how Disney have failed to deliver what many where hoping for.

Speaking of Disney Princesses, the awesome Ming Na has been cast as a regular character (a pilot!) in Joss Whedon’s SHIELD. Too much to hope that she’s secretly Carol Danvers, I suppose?

A sobering post on Tumblr by Mandy on her experiences cosplaying as The Black Cat at Comicon, and the way that geek men often treat women in costumes.

Cassandra Clare talks to Racebending about the importance of casting Magnus as Asian in the Mortal Instruments movies.

Don’t complain I never bring you cat stories! Roman archeological sites are rife with cats, but this time we have a cat finding a new ruin! You say archaeologist, I say grave robber…

The Misfits’ songs might be better, but Jem and the Holograms are back, baby, in a new run of dolls from Hasbro. Sadly no Pizzazz doll yet, but the Synergy one is pretty awesome. I’m a little sad that they are priced for collectors and not children, though, and as pointed out in the comments of this i09 post, don’t come with the equivalent of the 80’s music cassettes that were packaged with the original dolls.

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  1. Grant Watson says:

    The thing I love about Ming-Na being cast in SHIELD is that she’s a middle-aged woman and still got a role in an action-heavy TV series.

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