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At Salon-com, Laura Miller takes on the question of why young adult literature is “dominated” by women and particularly examines the issue of how commerciality (or perceived commerciality) affects the prestige of women writers differently to men. looks at some of the ramifications of Wonder Woman and Superman hooking up. I’m sorry, I know there are many people particularly WW and Lois fans who are outraged but this, but I fail to find it anything but hilarious. It feels like that Brady Bunch movie where Greg and Marcia started getting romantic.

Also, why is no one getting upset that Clark broke the sacred rule of dibs? Green Lantern called DIBS, Clark!

i09 have published a list of the 25 must-reads of the season – autumn for them, spring for us. Frankly the idea of there being 25 “must-read” books is pretty horrifying, but of course you’re more likely to get diversity with a big list. And indeed there were about five on there I found exciting personally and am likely to read. The two I put on my wishlist straight away were The Diviners by Libba Bray, her paranormal 1920’s series that I have been looking forward to since I first heard about it, and Jacqueline Carey’s new book Dark Currents. I wasn’t hugely excited by the idea of a new Carey series as the last one she did was Vikingish and didn’t appeal but all I had to hear was “enforcer for the Norse goddess Hel” and I was SO THERE.

Lovely to see Australians Margo Lanagan and Karen Miller make the list, too!

Speaking of Australian fantasy authors, Sean the Blogonaut reviews Rowena Cory Daniells’s Besieged, her new dark fantasy with plenty of genderqueer themes in amongst the politics, magic and backstabbing. Never mind George RR Martin, read Daniells!

Cough, and to be momentarily self-indulgent (hang on, it’s my blog, aren’t I always self-indulgent?) check out this great review of Love and Romanpunk over at SF Signal.

i09 talks about why it’s ridiculous to think that women don’t love superheroes (damn straight).

The Mary Sue shows some brilliant pictures of sisters recreating their childhood photos – touching and adorable. I love these! I will totally try to get Raeli & Jem to do it when they’re older.

Speaking of touching and adorable, Ellen Kushner talks about marrying Delia Sherman, what legal marriage means to them as a same sex couple, and how their marriage has a different status in different parts of America (but more and more all the time!)

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  1. I am excited that our American friends are starting to take note of Margo. I notice that SF Signal have been doing a series of reviews on TPP stuff as well.

    And thanks for the link by the way.

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