Friday Links is a Real Pixel-Stained Grown Up Geek Girl

The Mary Sue looks at the psychology behind the fake geek girl meme. At, Liz Bourke looks at the boundary-policing aspect of the attitudes towards women in SF “geekdom”. She also rather generously linked to my Pratchett’s Women AND Xena series of posts, which has somewhat inundated this blog with new readers. Hi, new readers! *waves*

Diana Peterfreund looks at the ‘new adult’ genre/marketing category, and how it has developed since her first series, Secret Society Girl, was published.

Sarah Rees Brennan also has Opinions about New Adult, mostly about the criticisms that tend to get levelled at any media phenomenon (not just publishing) in which young women exert power over the marketplace.

Weird Fiction Review recommends 14 Notable Women Writers of Weird.

The Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival (with especial focus on female filmmakers, writers and characters) has announced its return next year – 7-10 March 2013. Mark the date!

i09 writes convincingly about how Robotech is the greatest love story of the 20th century. I would not argue with that at all! Oh, Robotech, how I love you.

Deborah Biancotti on her year of reading and writing.

Gail Simone, talking at greater length about why and how she was convinced to come back to DC and the Batgirl title. I have to say, while I feel as invested in Simone’s return as the next Batgirl fangirl, I don’t think she’s obliged to explain the behind the scenes of this obviously sensitive issue, and I certainly don’t think she should have to justify taking her dream job back with both hands.

Cheryl Morgan on women and their book releases to watch out for in 2013.

A certain Lethe Press title is up for pre-order at Amazon! And I am in it. Where thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allen Poe is an anthology about, well, I’m pretty sure it does what it says on the tin. I submitted because I heard the editor, Steve Berman, lamenting the lack of female oriented stories in the book, and that just seemed to be a moral imperative to write a weird American Victoriana piece about awkward lady love and how being a genius writer’s muse is NEVER going to be a fabulous lifestyle choice. (did you notice my name was actually one of the 3 mentioned in the Amazon blurb? I NOTICED)

There have been many fantastic Doctor Who delights this Christmas, but The Gallifreycrumb Tinies is pretty close to being my favourite. It’s spoilerish for random DW stories including classic and new, but mostly it’s awesome and stylish.

Speaking of Christmas related adorableness, there’s also this:

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