Friday Links is Doing Something Right

Apparently the secret to being successful at social media is about promoting other people rather than yourself. Finally, something I’m doing right!

Joss Whedon talks about Much Ado (it’s coming!) and why taking a creative shift can be as good as a holiday!

The AWW Challenge blog has been posting a great series of genre/theme-specific wrap ups of the year’s reviews, including speculative fiction, diversity, romance and erotica, young adult and many more.

Tobias Buckell on Things I Told my Intern (about being a writer)

Tasmanian romance writer Sarah Brabazon talks about life onboard a yacht with her family.

Marianne De Pierres’ space opera series Sentients of Orion is finally being published in the US! She talks about her inspiration for the books here.

Ursula Le Guin on the Sartre Award, given to people for turning down awards. Yes, really!

Big Finish Audio have announced their big anniversary special: a massive two hour production involving all five of ‘their’ Doctors: Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. As I said on Twitter – sure, having Tom along with the other chaps is exciting, but I’m actually a bit MORE excited that Charley Pollard is going to be reunited with the Eighth Doctor again.

The Angriest on why The Time Meddler is such a classic and important story of 1960’s Doctor Who.

Rowena Cory Daniells passed on this great link about why anyone who cares about gender and literature should pick up a children’s book. Now.

i09 on How to Write Fiction For Money Without Selling Out Too Much.

I hadn’t heard of the Nice Guys of OKCupid Tumblr until after it was taken down, but at least there’s still Nice Guys of Westeros.

Over on the Huffington Post, Foz Meadows talks about Sexism vs. the Costa Prize:

The sheer scope of misogyny on offer is simply staggering — and all from a group of men provoked to outrage by the mere suggestion that sexism still exists!

And Super Best Friends Forever may not be coming back this year (SOB!) but this DC Nations series looks pretty promising: