Friday Links Is Hopping on the Train to Earth 2

The Mary Sue previews the exciting upcoming new DC titles with women front and centre, including Worlds’ Finest (squeee!) and The Ravagers (featuring the most interesting characters in the Superboy book, making me wonder whether I’ll be continuing with his title) but they also called me attention to the delightful revelation that the Earth 2 Wonder Woman may actually be Donna Troy, one of those characters who has been noticeably absent from the new 52. SQUEEEE! (Is it too much to hope Wally West is over there too? If so, I’m totally moving in over there)

Some discussion went around the internets a week ago about Madonna, and how the media has always enjoyed hating her so much – and no, it doesn’t mean that people who don’t like her music are automatically sexist, but a lot of the invective used against her *is*.

Speaking of assumptions, there’s a lovely interview with Sophie Kinsella, who has made a name for herself writing the fun, comedic Shopaholic novels. She talks about the way she is perceived, and defends the moral issues of her books as well as talking positively about comedy for women. Also from a writerly point of view, I thought it interesting how the article presents her two separate author names and identities.

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover series possibly being made for TV – wow. I managed to miss the Darkover series, which is one of those things like Anne McCaffrey’s Pern that makes me sad. I have heard there’s a lot of hefty 70’s style feminist type stuff in there, though, and would be fascinated to see how they adapt it, and how much the material has dated. Far more than the George RR Martin series, this intrigues me enough to read the source material and compare to the TV if it gets that far.

Sarah Rees Brennan is at it again, this time combining her Gothic Tuesday and Lady Sleuth Thursday posts to write a sharp, loving parody of Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White. Wilkie Collins is sometimes credited as the inventor of the detective story, which isn’t quite true, but he was certainly the first author to develop the idea of a female amateur detective – I have a particular love for his The Law and the Lady, which is far better than the more famous The Moonstone. I’ve never read The Woman in White though, and now I really want to!

Also from the Mary Sue: The Periodic Table of Cupcakes. Someone should totally do this for a convention book launch! And when I say someone, I mean Terri.

Now the cupcakes have softened you up, Karen Healey has been trying to research beyond anecdata to see if people really do hate female authors (in the YA field) more than male authors, and if they’re meaner about it. Short answer: yep.

@Kaelajael passed on a link to this wonderfully ranty article about how telling little girls that the boys bullying them in the playground are doing it “because they like you” needs to be stamped out, like NOW. I’d never thought about this particular meme before, but now I’m quietly horrified that, yes, of course.

Hoyden About Town are starting a regular feature, an open thread discussing Outland. If you haven’t yet found the right peeps to discuss the show with, this could be it! Assuming that you’re appropriately feminist & left-leaning, of course, otherwise NEVER MIND, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG.

One I’d missed earlier: 13 years on from Women in Refrigerators, a blog carnival. How far have we come?

I’m looking forward to this movie a lot more than I expected to be! Loving most of the character interpretations from this trailer:

3 replies on “Friday Links Is Hopping on the Train to Earth 2”

  1. tigtog says:

    Ooh, Darkover adaptation! If you’re going to read for the crunchy 70s feminist bits, I recommend starting with the books in the Renunciates saga. It brings you into the middle of various centuries covered by the series timeline, but you get some of the best characters right away.

  2. tansyrr says:

    Thanks! There are so many of them, which is why I’ve never seriously looked at reading them before.

    I think my next retro read planned is to do an Anne McCaffrey Spoilerific Book Club episode for Galactic Suburbia, but I might try to talk them into doing a Darkover read after that. We’re all for educating ourselves about the gaps in our reading!

    My Marion Zimmer Bradley reading started with Mists of Avalon and covered a lot of her historical fantasy from the 80’s (the Firebrand is still one of my favourite books of all times), but I never went back to her earlier work.

  3. Grant Watson says:

    If Earth 2 stars Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Connor Kent, Wally West and Kyle Raynor I am *so there* with bells on.

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