Friday Links is Not a Troll

We discussed this excellent post by Tobias Buckell: Self Publishing Doesn’t Mean you have to be a Raging Fuck Wad on the recent episode of Galactic Suburbia. I also wanted to link to this great post about political correctness, which responds to some of the same people and issues.

The thing I forgot to add to our running sheet for Galactic Suburbia was the surprise sale of Angus and Robertson in Australia – bookshops, coming back!

The important discussion of how trolling online (which can be far more vicious, threatening and fearmaking than many people believe) affects female bloggers has not only gone viral, it’s gone mainstream, with open discussion on the topic happening in newspaper columns as well as independently. About damn time.

The Nanowrimo thing continues apace, and some of my favourite recent supportive posts on the topic have been by Jim C Hines (see how defly he ducks and weaves to avoid being one of those professional writers who starts out trying to explain politely why Nano isn’t for them and ends up sounding all judgy and patronising about it) and Auntie MJ who is joyful and bouncy as ever.

This take on the recent Steampunky Goodness Three Musketeers movie by Karen Healey is my favourite movie review since Sarah Rees Brennan wrote about Troy. It spoils everything to bits but is so worth it.

Birthday Rage is a webcomic letter by a man who has just reached his 86th birthday, looking back at the history he has experienced, and how the world has changed in his lifetime. It’s awkwardly rendered but incredibly powerful.

An interview with Joss Whedon about Much Ado, and other issues to do with feminism and his portrayal of teenage girls.

Meanwhile, as I cower beneath my growing stack of Nanowrimo words and my teetering stack of Must Read Now books, I have of course taken up a new hobby. Those of you out there who are doing the Tumblr thing, I have succumbed! You can find me over there, sharing favourite pics, fannish goodness, vids and so on, at Tabitha Darling’s Bedroom Floor.

It’s surprisingly fun and easy, though Twitter (and you know, my comfy reliable blog) will I think remain my first internet loves. But oh, Tumblr is soooo pretty…

2 replies on “Friday Links is Not a Troll”

  1. M.J.Hearle says:

    Hi Tansy,
    Just started visiting your blog and I have to say thank you for directing me to so much great online stuff I otherwise might have missed. The self-publishing post by Tobias was a great read and I’m also heartened to hear that Angus & Robertson is coming back. Hopefully, this is a sign that the local publishing industry is coming out of its slump. I’ve been a Whedon fan since Buffy, so I’m pumped to see Much Ado. It’ll be nice to see Shakespeare stripped back. Anyway, I’ve bookmarked your site and look forward to reading more from you.

  2. tansyrr says:

    Hi MJ!

    Glad to see you here. I do like to share around the good stuff when I hear it.

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