Friday Links is Also Not Married To Matt Fraction

I have a new story out! “Please Look After This Angel” is the piece that was read in the marvellous theatrical performance at MONA the other week – now Island Magazine have put in online for you to read. Yes, you. It’s my first ever angel story (I THINK) which does not include clockwork. Keep an eye out for the others – I particularly enjoyed Michael Blake’s “Breathless” on the night, and thought that Melissa Howard’s “The Watchers” felt very Margo Lanaganesque – I will be interested to see how reading the stories on the page changes my opinions after experiencing them for the first time as a dramatic reading!

Also, my littlest daughter turned 3 yesterday which has come as a shock to all of us but did mean I could finally find an owner for the Astronaut Barbie I found on sale nearly a year ago. She also received a Cupcake Kitchen, a Wonder Woman board book, and an Alice in Wonderland costume. Love you, Jem!

But you’re not here for me talking about me, you’re here for linky links. Let us proceed!

The World Fantasy shortlist is out and how excited was I to see amazing Australian talent Kathleen Jennings on it as Best Artist? I WAS THIS EXCITED! Also lovely to see fellow Australian Lisa Hannett on there for her collection, and honorary Aussie Charles Tan up again for his excellent blog Bibliophile Stalker, which is one of my absolute internet staples. From a “favourite work of the year” standpoint I am especially glad to see Jo Walton’s Among Others, Karen Joy Fowler’s amazing “Younger Women” and Maureen McHugh’s After the Apocalypse in there, but there’s a whole bunch of excellent work being recognised. Hooray, must be awards season or something!

Gail Simone and her Secret Six artist Jim Calafiore are running a Kickstarter for their graphic novel Leaving Megalopolis which sounds amazing. It’s only a couple of days in and they’re already 2/3 at their goal, so it looks like it’s going to be one of THOSE Kickstarters.

A convention featuring Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel!) and her husband Matt Fraction (writer of the best Iron Man I’ve ever read) made the error of putting Kelly’s marital status in the first line of her bio instead of, you know, all her actual comics writing cred. A bunch of comics writers & high geek gentlemen (yes, OK, Wil Wheaton) showed their support for Kelly through mockery of the mistake, adding “is not the wife of Matt Fraction” to their own bios and tweets across the internet. Meanwhile, Fraction himself declared himself Mr DeConnick on his own Twitter bio. It’s all been sorted out and apologised for now, but was funny at the time.

Speaking of apologies, Readercon made a good one this week.

Lest we forget what was actually at the heart of all this talking, fingerpointing and apologising, Justine Larbalestier writes powerfully about why women who are harassed often stay silent, and Farah Mendelsohn talks about how things have changed at conventions since the “good old days” and why things are better now, even though (especially because) we’re hearing about more problems. There’s some great discussion in the comments of that one.

Bluemilk points to what a transperson has to tell us about sexism in academia.

Moving over to the lighter side of feminist debate, Kate Beaton exposes the true horror of straw feminists. Careful, there might be one in your cupboard!

The ever awesome Mary Beard talks about enjoying the Olympics, but considering the physical ramifications of elite sports on the body, and whether our definition of “fit” is perhaps shortsighted.

Seanan Maguire talks about publicity efforts that have the effect of making you want to slam the metaphorical door in their metaphorical faces.

Jeff Vandermeer has some inspiring and sensible words of wisdom about publishing, and how a lot of the current rhetoric is actually pretty shortsighted.

Sarah Rees Brennan answers a question about book piracy, and with great class and restraint manages to articulate why her opinions on the topic are rather different to those of Neil Gaiman.
Considering she had people listing her work on piracy sites as an overt personal attack upon the publication of her first novel, it’s hardly surprising!

Damien Walter looks at why women have something to offer to the traditionally malebound hard SF genre. If you usually risk the comments, I highly recommend with this one that you don’t, if only to prevent head-sized dents in all your walls.

Terri’s crazy cupcake adventure continues with her explanation behind the gorgeous Nightsiders cupcakes. Scorched lemon meringue, mmmm. That’s one of the ones I DID manage to taste at Continuum.

Finally, you know Dan Stevens? As in, Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey? He’s also a judge for the Booker this year, and I adore the sarcasm of the first paragraph of this column in which he takes the piss out of the constant use of the phrase ‘snubbed’ in responses to the longlist for the award. As judges for much more small scale literary awards this particular use of that particular word has always driven me completely up the wall, and now I know who to quote next time it happens to me. Good show, that chap in the top hat! (he does wear top hats in real life, right?)

Sadly not a great quality version but I am grateful SOMEONE finally put the 4th Super Best Friends Forever short up on YouTube. Damn it, is it going to be like 5 years before they have enough to justify a DVD?